10 Hindi Slangs Commonly Used by Us

A slang is an informal term or word or phrase which is used casually in a given situation, that means something else and don’t reflect their literal meaning. In the Hindi language, there are few words which are used in a different manner in daily conversation. People use them while speaking rather than putting them in text messages or emails. Slangs in Hindi language have become quite popular since over a decade. Here are some commonly used famous slangs or Hindi words that you often come across or use. The actual meaning or the context in which they are used has no relevance and has been perplexing. But do you really care?


You must be using it quite often, right? We all have that one friend who is a bit of a coward, particularly if someone is hell bent upon the following rules and scared to break one. You must have definitely labelled him as “Fattu”. Example: You are such a fattu to even jump a red light even if no police guy is standing.

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The literal meaning is friend, but it is a frequent slang word that is used during an informal interaction between pals or even strangers like a taxi guy or a shopkeeper. In every tete-a-tete, the term “Yaar” is used. Example: Yaar, let’s go for shopping instead of a movie. In addition to this, if someone says, Arrey Yaar it implies distress and anguish. Example: “Arrey Yaar”, I told you already not to buy these shoes, but you won’t listen.

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Waat Lag Gayi

This implies that you are in deep trouble. The expression, which means “you’re in a mess” became prevalent from Mumbai and got widespread in the entire nation. Example: Aaj tau “Waat Lag Gayi” Police caught me twice while talking over the phone while driving.

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The literal meaning of “ghanta” is bell, but it is used sarcastically in disbelief while calling out someone’s untruth or story. It is also used in the perspective to call out something as nonsense. Example: So, you are planning to score 100 in an exam, “ghanta”.

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Jugaad means a flexible tactic to solve a problem by using inadequate resources in an innovative way. We Indians survive on jugaad and can handle every situation, courtesy “Jugaad”. Example: I don’t know how to fix my charger for my mobile, I need to do some “Jugaad”.

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It is multi-dimensional word; whose literal meaning is good, but we use it in a variety of manners, depending upon the pitch like, if someone says normal achcha it means okay or says achchaaaa it means really or say achcha swiftly it implies oh. So your tone decides the spot in a sentence. Example: Achaaaaa (really) what are you saying?

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Mast means splendid. It is used by someone to ask something. Example: How is the dress? Mast.

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The actual meaning of chalega means “will you go” or “will you walk”. Though, it’s most frequently used as a question or a declaration as to whether something will work. It is widely used in Mumbai as a slang. Example: If you are out for shopping and your friend asks “ye bag chalega”? And if you find it suitable you will say “chalega”.

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We call that person “Bindaas” who is most chilled out in the group and full of fun. It is also used to describe something as great. Example: It’s really fun to be around Shikha, she is very bindaas or Khatro Ke Khiladi is a bindaas show.

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Baap re Baap

The literal meaning is Father O Father. It is used during exceptional circumstances, it is very similar to the emotions “Oh my God” or “Oh my goodness” Example: Baap re Baap, their entire family is suffering from corona.

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