Holi Color Removal: Easy Methods for Hands, Hair, Nails, and Skin

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Even if the majority of us like Holi, the festival of colors, no one can dispute the damage it may cause to skin and hair. After you finish playing Holi, all it takes is a little self-care to keep you safe and lovely.

The people around you might not be as concerned with the quality of the colors they use as you are about the natural and herbal colors you purchase. Dryness, itching spots, and rashes can all be brought on by synthetic colors. Here are several tips and ways you might use to remove the stubborn Holi color.

After playing Holi, hold off on shampooing your hair right away.

Before shampooing, apply egg yolk or curd to your hair at least 45 minutes in advance. By doing so, the damage will be less severe and the colors will be removed.

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Washing and rinsing

Never use hot water to wash anything since it will set the color. Use coconut oil to your hair and cold cream to your skin an hour before playing Holi to create a protective barrier against the colors that will make them easier to remove later.

Avoid rubbing your skin

Never ever rub your skin forcefully with soap, etc. in a search to wipe the face off colors. This would cause greater skin injury and less color removal. Instead of using soap to wash your face, use a facial cleanser or baby oil, and then apply a lot of moisturizer. For a week prior to and following Holi, you must strictly avoid waxing, bleaching, and facials. This regimen must be followed because the process leave the skin’s pores open, which can be dangerous because the color residue can easily seep into these pores and reach the skin’s deeper layers.

Taking care of your skin

After a vigorous game of color with your loved ones, once you get inside, you know in your heat that it is time to face the music of color removal! Try to begin the process as soon as you can, washing the colors off while they are still wet. The sooner, the better, because once the colors dry, it is more difficult to readily remove them. Do not worry, though; even if you can not get them off while you are wet, they will ultimately wash off after each shower.

Also, you can apply the multani mitti treatment, which will aid in drying out the color and ultimately assist remove it after rinsing.

Apply a solution of glycerin and rosewater on the skin to relieve itching.

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Going natural

You may also choose to rub some lemon wedges on your skin. Lemons’ natural bleaching ingredient aids in the removal of stubborn stains that would otherwise be difficult to get rid of. After applying it for a while, wash it off with water. Apply enough moisturizer to the skin after washing it off to avoid drying it out.

Use a besan paste to your skin after mixing it with milk or yoghurt, sweet oil, and rose water. After five minutes, gently wash your face with water and a mild soap.

How to get Holi colors off of your nails

Soak your nails in cold water before playing Holi because the colors might dry out and dull the nails.

The nails ultimately turn yellow after playing Holi. You need lemon juice to stop this. Spend ten minutes soaking your nails in lemon juice.

Put on a layer of clear nail paint before dipping your fingers into a bowl of warm water. A few drops of almond oil added, and the color will easily and gradually peel out.

Apply a black coat of nail polish before going outside to play Holi. Dark nails prevent the color from adhering to them.

How to get Holi colors out of your hands

Use petroleum jelly before you set out to play Holi colors. As a result, your hands will be safe, and using soap to wash them will not cause any rashes.

You can let your hands sit in a bowl of cool lemon juice to remove the colors off both the hands and the nails.

Before participating in Holi, heavily moisturize your hands because the paint will come off easily.

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How to get Holi colors out of clothing

Just soak your white clothes in hot water with non-chlorine bleach. To prevent color bleed from other colors, be careful to wash and dry them separately.

Another method for removing color from clothing is to combine 2-3 liters of water with 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1 spoonful of detergent. Put on some watery clothes. The acid removes the tenacious stains.

On your clothes, use a transparent ammonia-based spray-on window cleaner. To clean the cloth, ask the window washer. After 15-20 minutes, let the solution sit on the spots before washing with detergent.

After you stop playing, make sure to immediately wash your clothes. The tougher it will be to remove the stains, the longer you wait.

Avoid using chlorine bleach on coloured clothing since it can fade the fabric’s color.



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