New Traffic Challan Rules and your Rights as a Citizen

Shocked by the recent development by the Traffic Police. More than shock, it has imbibed a fear deep inside that people now prefer to use public transport over their personal vehicle. Face book is flooded with memes, jokes on the recent development. But the fact remains, it’s done now. The new rules are out. Let’s talk about how to protect our self.

The most important thing is carrying all the mandatory documents, at all times in your vehicle.

1. RC copy of your vehicle
(Registration Certificate of your vehicle)

2. PUC Certificate (Pollution Check Certificate)

3. Driving License

4. Certificate of Insurance

Carry these documents and be free from any penalty or fine in case any of the documents is missing.

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Let’s take a look at the old and the new traffic fines for violations.

OFFENCE                                                              OLD CHALLAN/                   NEW CHALLAN/
                                                                                PENALTY                               PENALTY

1.General                                                                       Rs.100                                   Rs.500

2.Rules of road regulation violation                          Rs.100                                   Rs.500

3.Disobedience of orders of authorities                     Rs.500                                 Rs.2,000

4.Unauthorized use of vehicles without license         Rs.1,000                                 Rs.5,000

5.Driving without license                                            Rs.500                                   Rs.5,000

6.Driving despite disqualification                              Rs.500                                    Rs.10,000

7.Oversize vehicles                                                     N/A                                        Rs.5,000

8.Over-speeding                                                        Rs.400                                   Rs.1,000

9.Dangerous driving                                                 Rs.1,000                                 Up to Rs.5,000

10.Drink Driving                                                       Rs.2,000                                  Rs.10,000

11.Speeding/Racing                                                 Rs.500                                     Rs.5,000

12.Vehicle without permit                                        Up to Rs.5,000                          Up to Rs.10,000

13.Overloading of passenger                                    N/A                                          Rs.1,000 per extra passenger

14.Seat belt                                                                    Rs.100                                     Rs.1,000

15.Not providing way for emergency vehicles          N/A                                        Rs.10,000

16.Driving without insurance                                     Rs.1,000                                        Rs.2,000

17. Power of officers to impound documents            N/A                                          Suspension of driving licenses

If you are stopped by the Traffic Police? You should know your rights as a commuter.

First of all don’t panic if you are stopped by the Traffic Police. Here are few things you should know:

1. Traffic police is supposed to carry a challan book or e-challan machine. If they don’t have any of these they can’t penalize you.

2. If you are stopped by a traffic police, always stop your vehicle and produce documents as asked by the officer. You are only required to show the driving license to the officer. It is up to you if you want to hand over the documents or not. The Motor Vehicle Act, Section 130 categorically states that the driver of a motor vehicle in any public place shall on demand by any police officer in uniform produce his license for examination. The law only says, “produce” and not hand over.

3. Always be cooperative with the police. Don’t argue. If you made any mistake, explain it politely to the police. They might even let you go.

4. You can be fined for all the offences under Motor Vehicle Act like jumping a red light, driving without helmet, over speeding, driving without a license, not displaying number plate etc.

5. Never bribe the traffic police. Never surrender to illegal demands of the police. Pay the fine if you are at fault. Don’t encourage corruption.

6. Always note down the name and buckle number of the police official. If you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of the police officer, you can politely ask them for their identity card. If they refuse to give their identity card you can also refuse to give him documents.

7. Your vehicle can be detained, if you are driving without a license/permit or if it is not registered.

8. If the police officer is an officer of rank sub-inspector or above then you can settle the offence by paying the fine.

9. Traffic police has to offer you a valid receipt for detaining your driving license. Your driving license can be seized if you jump the red light, drunken driving, using the mobile phone while driving.

10. If you are detained by the traffic police for the offence then you must be produced before the magistrate in less than 24 hours.

11. Traffic police cannot tow your car as long as you are sitting in it. You have to vacate your car before they can tow your vehicle.

12. If traffic police harasses you, then you can file a complaint at the police station, stating the relevant details.


In case a challan or a prosecution slip is issued to you, it must mention the following details:

1. Name and address of the court where the offence will be trialed

2. Details of the offence

3. Date of trial

4. Vehicle details

5. Name and address of the offender

6. Name and signature of the challaning officer

7. Details of the documents retained

A traffic police is an absolute authority on a road and it’s your duty to obey them.

But my question is

What’s the problem in obeying traffic rules????

We can’t blame the government for everything, it’s us who drinks and drive or don’t wear a helmet or give our children keys to drive a car or a two wheeler at the age of 14 or take dangerous short cuts for saving fuel. The list is endless.

But as a responsible citizen, we should obey the rules. Life is precious be it ours or someone else’s.

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Stay safe

Stay blessed

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