Chandigarh MMS Scandal – Which has Shocked the entire Nation

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Students from Chandigarh University staged large-scale protests in Mohali on Saturday night as it appeared that their talks with the authorities had failed in the wake of the viral Chandigarh mms videos showing 60 girls taking baths in the dormitory.

The protest was directed at the accused for recording films of her roommates and mailing them to a man in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, who then posted the videos online. When such recordings of students taking baths appeared online, they were in a state of astonishment.

The student who is guilty of leaking the videos allegedly wanted cash from others to prevent their leak.

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Inquiry by the police on Chandigarh mms scandal

A girl student was detained by police after they arrived at the scene. She is suspected of making the tapes and transferring them to a boy in Shimla, who later shared them online.

Police have found that the suspect is a first-year MBA student. The woman had acknowledged sending her photos to a friend, but SSP Soni told, The Indian Express that they were still probing whether she had also provided photos of other girls.

In addition, the protesting students asserted that suicide attempts by female students staying in the hostel occurred after the recordings became public. Police, however, denied the claim of attempted suicides in Chandigarh mms case.

Mohali Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Vivek Soni, denied any incidents involving suicide attempts, fatalities, or injuries after the video leak. He claimed that only one girl collapsed, but she was taken to the hospital and is now doing well.

Electronic and mobile gadgets have been seized and will be sent for a forensic examination in the Chandigarh mms controversy.

Police are reportedly investigating into claims that the man was threatening to release the videos by blackmailing the woman. They further mentioned that the woman had a case filed against her at the Kharar (Sadar) police station under sections 354C of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with voyeurism, and 66E of the Information Technology Act, which deals with penalty for privacy violations.

Rumors that some females were attempting suicide were denied by the police. Many students and internet users, however, claim that the authorities tried to conceal the incident.

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The viewpoint of the university towards the Chandigarh mms scandal

Chandigarh University issued a statement denying “the rumours of seven girls taking their own lives.”

“There was no suicide among students. Initial investigation revealed that the accused girl provided her own photos and videos to her lover. Nothing else was located. FIR filed investigating by the police In a statement to ANI, Dr. RS Bawa, provost of Chandigarh University, said, “I appeal to students and parents not to trust in any rumour (sic).

The accusations that other female students were included in questionable videos are incorrect and misleading. The only inappropriate film that was discovered to be of a student was a girl’s personal video that she shared with her boyfriend; the university continued.

The student, Sunny Mehta, who is believed to be her lover, and Rankaj Verma, a friend of his who is 31 years old, are the three individuals who have so far been taken into custody by the Punjab Police.

The Chandigarh MMS scandal has taken a new turn:

The accused MBA student admitted that the two males involved in the Chandigarh mms video leak case were pressuring her, adding a fresh twist to the story. Six other female students confront the accused student in a video that was recently made when they discovered that she had been recording them.

The six women who discovered the accused while she was recording the videos are shown in the video enquiring after her intentions. The accused student reportedly told the women that she had recorded their films under duress and afterwards deleted them.

The accused claimed that Sunny Mehta, a man from Shimla, had pressured her into producing the tapes.

These six women first alerted the hostel warden, Rajvinder Kaur, who has subsequently been suspended on grounds of failing to perform his duties.

Later, the problem was brought to Ritu Ranaut, the hostel manager’s attention. Ritu questioned the suspect after she admitted making the videos. She is also charged in the FIR with destroying the videos in response to the hostel manager’s allegation.

The three suspects’ mobile phones have now been taken by the police in the Chandigarh mms controversy. As per sources, the accused called a few people in Mumbai and Delhi.

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