Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain’s mother scolds Ankita Lokhande

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There’s always drama on Bigg Boss 17. The most recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode was filled with drama, especially for Ankit Lokhande and her spouse, Vicky Jain. By sending their mothers to Tiger’s Den, Bigg Boss shocked the real-life couple.  The pair burst into tears upon realizing their mothers were there. Vicky’s mother seemed angry at Ankita for not handling him maturely.

Vicky Jain’s mother chastises Ankita Lokhande

Vicky and Ankita’s mothers, Vandana Lokhande and Shweta Jain, came inside to talk to them about issues between the couple. “Tumhari ladai ghar me kabhi nahi hui batao,” Vicky’s mother chastised her. Chapal phek rahi hai, ab pair maar rahi hai (You folks never fought in the house, but now Ankita is kicking Vicky and throwing slippers at him). Tum Vicky ko nahi sambhal paa rahi ho.

bigg boss 17
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Vicky’s mother acknowledged his ability to manage the house and his understanding nature despite the emotional upheaval, while Ankita’s mother addressed Vicky’s excessively competitive attitude and urged him to show who he really is outside of the game. Both moms beg the couple to change their behavior, learn from their mistakes, and move on by forgiving one another.

Husband-and-wife arguments frequently occur. But it’s time to do things right now. When you cross paths, embrace each other and discuss the good things. Our Ankita was so mature that we knew she could handle everything said Vicky’s mom. However, the situation took a different turn.

In response to Vicky’s mother’s remarks, Rashimi Desai responds.

Rashami Desai, a television actress, saved the couple. “Aunty ji,” she exclaimed. Everything is within Ankita’s control. Every time Vicky loses her temper. Furthermore, Vicky supports Anku (Ankita) when she is angry. Simply said, their approaches differ. On the Bigg Boss 17 show, though, Vicky wants the trophy and Ankita wants love. There is nothing we can do. Whatever happens, both are positive and getting stronger as a pair. P.S. I adore you both.

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