Bigg Boss 17: Vicky & dimag kaa makaan nominates Neil for the whole season

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The drama factor has been rising on “Bigg Boss 17” thanks to some significant plotline twists and turns. Vicky Jain and the other members of Dimag Kaa Room nominate Neil Bhatt for the entire season in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17.

With every new episode of Bigg Boss 17, the show’s dramatization grows more and more captivating for fans (although the show has started boring as because of contestants like Manara and babu bhaiya). Amidst a great deal of turmoil, Neil Bhatt receiving season-long nominations from Dimag Kaa Room members, including Vicky Jain. This choice soon incites Neil and his wife Aishwarya to fury, which leads to a furious dispute within the house.

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For the whole season, Vicky Jain nominates Neil

Vicky Jain, Arun Mashettey, Tehelka, Sana Raees Khan, and Anurag Dobhal—the members of the dimaag room—were asked to nominate one contestant they would like to see for the whole season. They decided to nominate Neil Bhatt for the entire season.

Neil true personality came out

Neil became enraged upon learning of the decision and said, “Sabse fattu hai yeh” (He is a coward). In addition, Neil says, “Chun ke badla lunga”—I’ll take revenge.

The house’s theme, “Iss baar game nahi hoga sabke liye same to same,” raises the possibility that Bigg Boss may abandon his cherished equality tenet. The archive room is only one of the many fascinating new elements in “Bigg Boss 17.”  Like last time, “BB 17″ is split into three houses: Dil, Dimaag, and Dum.

The nomination task raised a heating argumnet between Neil Bhatt and Ankita Lokhande. While Ankita refers to Neil as “Khokli,” Neil calls Ankita “Fattu.” Neil, the most boring contestant in the BB17 house, talks about Vicky and Ankita all the time, which has begun to bore other contestants as well. In addition, his tone and facial gestures started to resemble Manara, making him look awful and unappealing.

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