9 Dating terms used by Netizens you should know

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New dating terms and experiences have emerged along with the rise of online dating sites. One method to stay current with dating terms or trends is to become fluent in the language of dating. Online dating has given us a set of guidelines and dating terms that help us understand the different phases of dating. Have you ever been “ghosted” into thinking someone likes you after being “soft launched” on Instagram?

Numerous terms in this dating glossary will likely be familiar to you. You should be familiar with the dating terms listed below.


Players are often benched, or “pulled from a game.” What does it mean in terms of dating? If you are not ready to commit or do not feel strongly enough about someone to do anything formal, you can bench them by keeping them on the sidelines as an option. The person benching you may reach out to you just frequently enough to keep you on the leash, but they only actually devote time to the relationship or show up when they have no other choice.

If this is occurring to you, you might want to respond with “thank you, please,” as it is quite insulting to the person who is being benched. One of the most popular dating terms on the internet is benching.

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2. Orbiting

Because “it is not about you, something is wrong with me,” you and that one special someone ended the relationship. Yet, you may not have finished it because it may have been left a little unclear, and you are unsure whether it is on or off. Orbiting occurs when a person ends all contact with a person they were dating but continues to connect with that person’s tweets and social media posts.

In any case, you have probably noticed that while you are off enjoying being single and updating your social media, that that person keeps liking all of your photos and peeking at all of your Instagram stories or reels to let you know they are still there and considering you, leaving you to wonder whether or not he wants you back. You are probably being orbited if someone is neither completely present in your life nor completely absent from it.

3. Slow fade

Slow fading is among the most common dating terms and is used when a person you have been seeing gradually cuts off contact and limits their availability. They have essentially chosen to end their relationship with you, but they are afraid to inform you.

4. Side-lining

What could be angrier than going on a date with someone who is more interested in their phone? When you are out on a date and your date is constantly checking their phone or being distracted by it, it makes it difficult for them to be fully present with you. This implies the person is ignoring or sidelining you. One of the most typical dating terms and situations is “side-lining.”

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5. Love bombing

When an abuser or manipulator lavishes their partner with love, devotion, and attention in an effort to “sweep them off their feet” in order to manipulate them later, this is referred to as “love bombing.” Once they have gained their partner’s love, a love bomber may start to withhold attention and become aggressive, which can be quite confusing. Be on the lookout for this harmful form of emotional abuse.

6. Situationship

A predicament that is somewhere between a close friendship and a serious romance. The expectations and commitments of a serious relationship are also typically absent from casual relationships.

See it as more than just a phase where you are friends with benefits. A situational relationship may develop into a committed one if the necessary conditions are met. These days, the phrase “friends with benefits” is ubiquitous, and “situationship” is one of the most commonly used dating terms.

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7. Ghosting

You are dating someone. Your boyfriend or girlfriend appears to have disappeared suddenly, sometimes without any prior notice at all. There have been no calls, texts, social media links, or replies to any of your messages.

The likelihood is that your partner has not abruptly left town due to a family emergency or is not lying dead in a ditch someplace, but has instead broken off the relationship without even attempting to give you a heads-up or an explanation. Someone ghosted you. One of the most popular dating terms on the internet is “ghosting.”

8. Zombie-ing

This is the time when a person who ghosts you decides to make a comeback and texts you once again as if nothing ever occurred. If you are thinking about dating a zombie, be cautious since they might ghost once more, making you feel much worse about yourself than the first time.

9. Pocketing or stashing

Among the relatively new dating terms is “stashing or pocketing, which refers to the deliberate choice made by one partner in a relationship to exclude their partner from their inner group. Thus, they do not introduce them to their friends or colleagues or families. In fact, they also find it unsettling if their partner suggests that they publicize their relationship on social media. In such a relationship, there is essentially a “stasher” and a “stashee,” and while stashing is frequent, it may also be painful and embarrassing.

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