7 Reasons Why iPhones Cost More Than Android Phones

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Have you ever wondered why iPhones are so pricey?

Generally speaking, Android phones are less expensive than iPhones. Many shoppers ponder the origin of this price disparity.

Apple users have a reputation for spending substantial sums of money to upgrade their mobile devices. The price of phones must take into account a number of factors. Two of the most popular mobile operating systems available today are Apple and Android. They are more expensive for a good reason, though.

When developing their products, Apple’s engineers place a high priority on producing a svelte, fashionable gadget that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Android, on the other hand, is focused on offering users affordability, convenience, and speed. Apple develops and engineers the software in addition to designing the hardware for every phone. Apple creates and oversees the whole user experience from start to finish. Here are 7 factors that contribute to why iPhones cost more than android phones


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1.Picture quality

Because the iPhone uses a combination of hundreds of high-end and unique elements, its pictures are far superior to that of other cellphones. The lenses that are used in Apple’s cameras are actually incredibly expensive. As a result, the clarity of the image taken on the iPhone is significantly higher than it is on Android. The company employs hundreds of engineers who work solely on improving the camera’s already excellent quality. The iPhone camera is tested in several modes as soon as it is ready, and only then is it released on the market.

2. Processor

Any phone’s processor determines its speed. The iPhone’s processor is substantially better and more sophisticated than that in other smartphones. The processor is used by the other smartphone manufacturers by a different company. However, the iPhone’s processor, which is made by the Apple firm, has a very high processing speed. The iPhone is therefore significantly superior to the smartphone in terms of processor. The cost of production is significant since the processor is constructed from very expensive, high-quality components.

In some ways, the speed difference between the iPhone and Android can be attributed mostly to their respective operating systems and processors.

3. Research

Since its inception, Apple has always innovated and has not, as in the past, succumbed to the inclination to copy the work of ten other companies. Reverse technology’s history shows that other companies have occasionally copied Apple’s advances.

4. Let’s show off

Being the center of attention is now one of the reasons that all Apple products are expensive.

People will buy Apple items regardless of whether they are excellent or terrible because there is a competition to see who has the most recent version of the company’s software.

In our nation, people who own an iPhone are seen as wealthy (even if it’s on EMI—but who knows?). All of these contributing elements have allowed Apple to expand into a trillion-dollar business while maintaining the same high level of product pricing. The iPhone remains unaffordable to purchase for all of these reasons.


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5. Privacy and security

Because the operating system on iPhones (iOS) is so secure, it has fewer functions than Android. Due to the iPhone’s high level of security, many individuals only purchase iPhones.

This is the main cause of the iPhone’s high price because the device has extremely high security and is exceedingly challenging to hack. The majority of Android tampering involves rooting the device, but with iPhones, this is difficult to accomplish.

Because it is more difficult to hack an Apple iPhone than an Android smartphone, Apple is the ideal choice for everyone who wants to protect their privacy.

6. Trust and Brand Value

Speaking of industry professionals, Apple has developed a particular reputation for the quality and industrial design of its products over the years. This brand has brought the business millions of devoted clients. Customers who are unwilling to choose companies other than Apple can easily pay a premium for this brand loyalty, which manifests itself as loyalty to Apple.

7. Operating System

A majority of smartphones throughout the world run Google’s Android operating system. The only smartphone with its own operating system, however, is the iPhone. and is known as iOS. Following Android, it is the second-most popular operating system globally.

Since the iPhone has its own operating system, it is safer and faster than Android devices. Since Android is open source, other companies like Mi, Vivo, and Oppo can use it. In reality, Android is a system created by Google. However, the iPhone and Apple computers solely run the company’s own operating system.

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