Shaitaan movie review: Is it worth watching?

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“Shaitaan” is a compelling supernatural thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout some spine-tingling scenes. This timeless story examines the never-ending conflict between good and evil, showing a man as the personification of evil and a family as the model of righteousness. Step inside the foreboding world of Shaitaan and set off on an investigation into the murky sides of black magic. This adaptation is based on the Gujarati horror movie Vash (2023). Janki Bodiwala plays the same role that she did in the previous event.


The adolescent daughter is curiously controlled by a stranger that the family allows into their farmhouse. She obeys all of his strange, and perhaps fatal, commands. Can this desperate family beat the stranger’s devious game, and what terrible secret does he harbour?

Madhavan plays the evil character brilliantly, executing every heinous act with precision. As a parent who is both helpless and driven, Ajay Devgn gives a strong performance. Jyotika also maintains her strength. Janki Bodiwala deserves praise for her perfect portrayal of the young girl under a crafty spell. She flawlessly and simultaneously tears, laughs, dances, and acts on cue. The son, Anngad Raaj, also does well.

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Excellent work by Vikas Bahl, the director

A good supernatural thriller usually has suspense and dread as its main selling points to captivate the reader. Though it forgoes jump scares for an eerie encounter, it’s still a job well done. Director Vikas Bahl has done a great job with Shaitaan in that regard.

The film introduces the viewer to Kabir’s (Ajay Devgn) happy family, which consists of his geeky son Dhruv (Anngad Raaj), teenage daughter Jahnavi (Janki Bodiwala), and wife Jyoti (Jyotika). The arrival of Vanraj Kashyap (R. Madhavan), a stranger, in their lives soon causes them to feel uneasy in the movie. Unexpectedly, he takes total control of Jahnavi, to the point where she complies with his every directive. As Vanraj’s instructions grow more terrible and deadly for Jahnavi and her family, uneasiness quickly gives way to fear. What drives Vanraj, what makes him so powerful, and whether or not the family will be able to get away from his pain are all revealed in the next parts of the story.

The best part

Shaitaan’s atmosphere is what makes it so appealing, especially when no computer generated imagery is used. It primarily depends on the antagonist’s evil plans and tricks, which give you a queasy feeling. The film, which has no common horror clichés, is written by Aamir Keeyan Khan and Krishnadev Yagnik. But it does touch on the age-old conflict between science and the supernatural as well as human crudity, which reduces humans to the same level as evil powers.

Although the second half of the film becomes a little repetitive, the story has a steady pace, and the acting keeps the viewer interested for the most part. Even if there isn’t much tension, the buildup is unsettling. The soundtrack by Amit Trivedi contributes to the aura of darkness and dread that cinematographer Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti masterfully creates. It is definitely a worth-watching movie.

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