Poonam Pandey staged her death: Fans want the actor to be jailed

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Actor and model Poonam Pandey has been under fire from lawmakers, medical professionals, and the public for spreading incorrect information about cervical cancer, suggesting that she may be in jail for staging her death. Mumbai Police should punish Poonam Pandey for disseminating false information regarding her death, Maharashtra legislator Satyajeet Tambe said on Saturday.

Raising awareness of cervical cancer cannot be achieved through the death of a model or influencer due to the disease. The entire show completely ignores the seriousness of cervical cancer and focuses all attention on the influencer, according to Tambe. The MLC said, “Instead of spreading awareness, the actor played a practical joke on cancer survivors.”

Poonam Pandey is not dead.

Poonam declared, “I am alive,” in a video that she published. Cervical cancer did not kill me. Unfortunately, I am unable to say that because cervical cancer has claimed the lives of thousands upon thousands of women.

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Netizens were suspicious already.

There was an air of suspicion among many social media users. After her recent public appearances, online users reported that the actress appeared to be in perfect health. From speculation that she might still be alive to the realisation that the entire situation is a media-spread publicity stunt.

The model, however, put an end to all the rumours surrounding Poonam Pandey’s passing on Saturday morning when she disclosed that she had staged her death in order to increase awareness of the problem and draw attention to cervical cancer.

The Cine Workers Association criticises Poonam Pandey.

Along with criticising Poonam Pandey, the All Indian Cine Workers Association demanded that an FIR be filed against her.

The AICWA stated on Saturday on X, formerly Twitter, that “using under the pretence of cervical cancer for self-promotion is not acceptable.”.

The fictitious report that actress and model Poonam Pandey had died of cervical cancer shocked everyone in the film industry. According to her manager, model and actress Poonam Pandey manufactured this phoney news as a promotional ploy. All Indians who paid respect to her felt pained by this misleading news, the statement stated.

We kindly ask that you submit a formal complaint (FIR) against Poonam Pandey and her management for disseminating false information only for the sake of public relations publicity. Strict action against them is required to stop anyone from spreading this kind of false information. The statement said, “In our Indian film industry, which has high emotional values for everyone, such cheap publicity is not at all accepted.”

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