Esha Deol and her husband, Bharat Takhtani, have confirmed their split following a 12-year marriage

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Following a 12-year marriage, Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani have separated. They said in a statement that Radhya and Miraya, their two kids, will be cared for jointly. A passage from Esha’s book “Amma Mia” is becoming widely popular amid the news of their breakup. The “Dhoom” star said that after moving in with Bharat’s family, she was not allowed to wear shorts and ganjis (tank tops) in her husband’s house.

The book “Amma Mia”

Bharat Takhtani and Esha Deol are no longer together. Esha released her book, “Amma Mia,” in 2020. She talked about the adjustments she had to make when she moved in with Bharat’s family following her marriage there. “There were many things that changed when we got married in 2012,” she writes in her memoir. “Of course, once I started living with his family, I couldn’t go around the house like I used to in my shorts and ganjis,” she continued. She did, however, add that his family was “wonderful” and that they “took her right into their fold.”

In her book, Esha Deol discloses that her estranged husband, Bharat Takhtani, was frequently “cranky and irritated” with her, suggesting that she endured emotional abuse.

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She went on to write that although all the women in the Takhtani household prepared ‘wonderful khane ka dabbas (lunch boxes) for their husbands’, she had never cooked anything until meeting Bharat. Esha claimed that her mother-in-law “never insisted” on her going into the kitchen to “perform any of the traditional tasks she had been expected to perform as a bahu.” “In fact, she often tells me that I am like her third son (after Bharat and his brother),” said Esha. I was also lavished with attention because I was the first bahu in the home. I would constantly receive chocolate brownies, and fruit from someone.

She made references to their progressive estrangement, particularly after the birth of their second daughter, even though she refrained from accusing him outright of emotional abuse. But other users have brought attention to how extremely wrong Takhtani’s actions against her were.

Esha and Bharat announced their split

In a statement to the Delhi Times, Bharat and Esha declared their separation, saying, “We have mutually and amicably decided to part ways.” During this transition in our lives, our two children’s welfare and best interests have been and will remain our top priority. We would value having our privacy respected.

After 11 years of marriage, businessman Bharat Takhtani and actress Esha Deol have chosen to separate. In Mumbai, they were married in 2012. Their two kids, Radhya and Miraya, are under their care. Esha and Bharat released a statement together, saying, “We have mutually and amicably decided to part ways.” Our two children’s care and well-being continue to be our top priorities during this time of change in our lives. We respectfully ask that our privacy be honoured at this time. Let’s now pause to consider their journey over the previous 11 years.

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Rumours of a separation have been circulating for a while now!

On social media, this famous pair used to post images frequently. But in 2023, Bharat was absent from Esha Deol’s birthday bash. The reports of their split started as soon as Esha removed all of Takhtani’s images from her Instagram account. Furthermore, on January 17, a social media user uploaded a post on Reddit indicating that Isha and Bharat had already broken up. They are no longer spotted together in public because of this. In addition to this, the user asserts in this post that Bharat has moved on with his life.

The user stated in his post that he saw Isha’s husband, Bharat, during a Bengaluru New Year’s Day celebration. He was supposedly with one of his girlfriends. However, the Deol family has not yet responded to this widely shared information. But after more than ten years of dating, the pair has finally officially announced their split.

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