How to prevent your child from getting addicted to a Smartphone?

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In our previous blog we spoke about how the child get addicted to a Smart phone (please see the link),

where we came to a conclusion that more or less parents are only responsible for this dependency because the moment they were born, you start playing poems on it so that their mind can be diverted and parents can do their work peacefully and is some cases parents mind is so restless that themselves are dependent on their phone for distraction and as the toddler grew the Smartphone’s became an integral part of their life. So, if the parents are responsible behind this, only they have the ability to get this thing fall in place.

There is a saying, “Monkey see Monkey do”

which implies imitating another person’s simply by observing or following someone’s action without any understanding of it. Children are very observant and catch very fast. Keeping them away from the mobile phones is going to be a task but it’s possible. One has to deal with the withdrawal symptoms like not eating food or showing tantrums, throwing objects etc.

Today we are living in a technology era but it doesn’t mean that our child should grow fully digitalised. It’s good that we are surrounded by the best technology available around us. But good always comes with bad. We are blessed having technology but it’s a curse also.

Smartphone’s has given us the comfort but it is also true that we are quiet dependent on it. During my school days our principal use to tell us quite often that anything in excess is likely bad.

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Today the kids can use Smartphone’s in a very early age. A 3 year old kid can start YouTube and watch their favorite video. Outdoor games have lost its charm; kid plays video games indoor. Small children can click pictures that too with different angle or knows how to click with various software; they can make a call easily. In fact kids know more features than us. But the addiction of Smartphone has a damaging effect. It can hinder the brain development of the child, they become a loner since they are busy with themselves, obesity issue, and eyes become weak. Too much use of Smartphone’s can make your child a zombie having back and neck pain.

Well in my sense, kids neither need a phone or a tablet. For their physical, mental and social development parents need to take some corrective measures to ensure that they child doesn’t get addicted to the gadget.

How can you change this addiction?

If you really want to change this Smartphone addiction of your child then you should follow these instructions

1. Avoid using mobile phones in front of your child:

Lead by example, spend time together, I understand that there is lot of pressure in today’s scenario job/home/other things but nothing is important than your child’s health. Make a thumb rule to use fewer phones in the vicinity of your child.

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2. Be tough to your kid:

If your kid is asking for a phone just say NO to them. Not in a harsh manner but in a polite manner. You can start a conversation by telling them the harmful effects of a smart phone on their health and also why it is necessary to use it occasionally. At times kids throw tantrums to take the phone but don’t fall into this trap rather if he/she is demanding attention give them your 100% attention and get involved with them. Don’t encourage its use during study hours, playtime or meal time. You also follow the same.

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3. Understand their need:

Ask them why they need the phone? These days school teachers do form a group on WhatsApp related to important school activities or homework. So ask your child why they want to use the phone, if it’s a necessity please allow them until their work is done or if it’s just for playing games or watching video then say no to them.

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4. Limit the usage:

Put limit to their usage. Allow them to watch their favourite cartoon but fix a time schedule and limit the timings same goes for the video game also.

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5. Try to indulge with them:

This will build a bonding between you and the child. Even if they are busy with the phone, sit with them and start a conversation about the activity they are doing. You can also help them find various applications related to quiz, general knowledge. This can make them smart and also will sharpen their brain. Use smart phones to increase their knowledge.

6. Phone in kid’s mode:

Parental control and Child lock system is a must; this will limit the number of applications they can use. It will also prevent you from the mess you can go through if in case they send in appropriate things on Facebook or send random messages to your contact list.

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7. Work first:

Let them finish their HOME WORK first or any other task given by the school. It should be a rule all the time. Once they will fall into this habit, you don’t have to force them every time. A child can pick up things very fast.

8. Keep them active:

It’s very essential to make your child physically active and also agile. Let them join a Martial arts class or kid yoga or any other activity which will also help in their development.

9. Parents should ensure family fun time:

Give your kids’ undivided attention. Play with them outdoor in the park, take them for a walk or buy groceries with them. Involve them in your daily routines.



10. Put a password:

Set a password on your mobile and don’t share it with the child, like this your child can’t use it while you are away. Needless mention doesn’t share your password with the child.

I completely understand mobile phones are an important part of our life but they can’t be our life. The above mentioned points will definitely help you to curb the usage of mobile by your children.

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