Bigg Boss 17 : Is Manara Chopra obsessed with Ankita Lokhande?

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In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Khanzaadi was seen causing havoc in the Bigg Boss 17 house. In the same episode that she was complaining about the other contestants making fun of her health condition, Ankita Lokhande and Mannara Chopra were also applauding back at each other. Right now, neither of them wants to develop a relationship of any kind. Persistently monotonous, the focus of today’s show was the two parties engaging in a heated exchange of words.

Manara is obsessed with Ankita in Bigg Boss 17 house

The audience has somehow been unable to comprehend Manara’s strong animosity for Ankita. Ankita has become her constant target. Manara probably feels envious of Ankita since she understands that Ankita deserves to be among the top contenders in the finals. Another explanation could be that Mannara despises Ankita since they work in the same business and something happened outside of that (which is extremely clear).

Salman Khan brought up the fact that, despite Manara’s calm tone, her remarks and voice are full of irony. Personally, I don’t appreciate this duplicate Parineeti Chopra especially not with her goofy facial expressions. Manara appears insecured with Ankita. She is becoming less of herself in constatantly targeting Ankita.

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Why were Mannara’s fans of Bigg Boss 17 calling her “insecure”?

Internet users expressed their displeasure with Mannara Chopra’s actions without holding back when posting on social media. Just because Ankita called her a bachhi, one person stated that Manara Chopra was domineering, crafty, b¡tçh, and conceited. It appears that Manara is insecured and envious of Ankita. She’s acting like a child and weeping at Bhai’s comment additionally making absurd remarks about Ankita (sic). It’s obvious that Manara is envious of Ankita’s success.” The other day, she called Isha and is now phoning Ankita with similar remarks. Since Ankita is her main rival, it is obvious that she is aiming for Ankita. But when her shortcomings are brought up, she sobs and acts like a victim.

Many Bigg Boss 17 viewers expressed their displeasure with Manara’s remarks against Ankita Lokhande on Thursday on the microblogging platform X. There are those who describe Manara as “very insecure,” while others label her as “jealous.” With Ankita Lokhande, Manara exudes jealousy and insecurities. Manara is quite annoying; she has a clever and phoney demeanour, is always after Ankita for footage, and is very desperate, a user commented.

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“Yaar Manara, she is getting irritating. Ankita k peeche padh gayi hai usse kuch bhi bolti h vo sought karne ki koshish kar rahi hai par na kal khanzadi ko bhut bhura bola uske character par tak chale gyi,” wrote another user, calling Manara as “irritating.”

It’s clear that Manara is losing the plot. She seems to only want people’s complete attention and is unable to accept even constructive criticism. She also says some quite terrible things when she gets agitated.

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