9 Signs that you are constantly complaining

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In plain language, cribbing or complaining is continuous whining. Many people unknowingly use cribbing as a negative coping mechanism since they grow accustomed to it over time. Most of the time, people seem to find satisfaction in complaining about small things.

Each person has a unique personality. You simply cannot change that, though. Because some things in life you are simply born with. Like how some people are naturally happy, while others are depressed, while others are always hyper, and some, well, are cribbers! This last breed, however, has the potential to be really grating at times since, happy or sad, they will always find something to complain about.

No doubt we all enjoy a good round of whining with colleagues after work or discussing with our friends our day-to-day happenings. But if you are someone who keeps complaining about how life is unfair to you all the time, it constantly has an adverse effect on your health without you even realizing it. Our mental state is influenced by how we think, feel, and speak. Good things result from joyful thoughts. If you only complain, you’ll begin to subtly hate your life, your job, your friends, your maid, and everything around you. Because you are a constant cribber—an unhappy personality.

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In order to determine whether you are a compulsive cribber, be on the lookout for these 9 indicators.

1.You say no to everything.

For any cribber out there, it’s something extremely common. You just don’t want to try anything. Instead of answering yes, you would rather complain about how awful everything is.

2. You dislike any change in your life.

You become upset by even the smallest changes in your life, and instead of attempting to accept them and move on, you keep complaining about them.

In general, your first reaction is to start cribbing and moaning, no matter the circumstance! Of course, you’ve never considered that you ought to change that.

3. You spend a lot more time complaining about issues than you do trying to solve them.

Exactly! If only you would spend some time trying to solve issues rather than waste time whining nonstop.

4. You’re way too serious about everything.

Basically, you have the ability to complain about the slightest of things—things that don’t even merit complaining about! In essence, a broken nail might cause you to cry!

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5. Being negative

When people have the propensity to crib, their minds are preoccupied with issues rather than solutions. They merely feel overburdened by the sheer volume of their issues. For such people, spending time looking for solutions is not vital; instead, moaning is seen as the best course of action.

6. ‘Adjust’ is a word you despise.

Because changing necessitates actions you might not have chosen to take otherwise. Of course, that is a cribber’s paradise.

7. Situation of perplexity

People frequently exhibit an ebb-and-flow personality. Most of the time, they are perplexed by a circumstance, unsure of what to do, and lacking in clarity. They can occasionally become caught between their own and other people’s expectations. Therefore, whining becomes a natural response when they are unable to act in accordance with their own judgement.

8. Jealousy

Comparing ourselves to others is a common human impulse. The comparison we make is almost never good and almost always goes in the wrong direction. It’s crucial to recognize that we are more likely to complain when we contrast ourselves with others based on the qualities we lack.

9. Lack of self-efficacy

When a person’s self-efficacy is high, they have confidence in their abilities and believe they can handle any situation, whereas when it is low, they doubt their own abilities. As a result, such people continually seek the praise of others and do not just depend on them.

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