14 Tips for Good Toilet Manners

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Maintaining proper hygiene in the toilet is crucial, but how can you make sure everyone in your home is aware of the rules? Using wall art to trigger their memories is enjoyable and simple. But let’s just go through the basic toilet manners first.

1. Shut the door.

Closing the door is the most important thing to do. By keeping your personal bathroom matters where they belong, closing the door not only gives privacy to the toilet user but also shows respect for the other members of the family.

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2. First, check the loo before going inside.

Don’t just push the door open in a public toilet. It’s possible that someone overlooked the hook, or the lock may not function or be ignored to close the door (unless you want to see their toilet matters).

3. If needed, wipe down the toilet seat.

Splashes can occur even with the utmost caution. But if you remove it right away, that shouldn’t be an issue. This is just another one of our restroom rules about being considerate to your fellow home members.

4. Remember to flush.

Although it should go without saying, if you’re rushing, it’s easy to forget to flush. Still, not any more! A sign on the wall with the restroom regulations will help everyone remember.

5. Close the lid before flushing.

Every flush releases microorganisms up to 10 inches above toilet seats. These infectious disease-causing microbes are also the ones that cause them. Moreover, as these dangerous microbes spread, they may land on bathroom surfaces.

6. Don’t splash pee.

Urine will flow more easily if you sit over the toilet in the proper position. The angle plays a major role in preventing splashback when standing up to urinate. Keep your distance and take careful aim.

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7. Take care to avoid getting the toilet seat wet.

A wet seat is a complete no. This is one of the most disgusting habits.

And also, water should not be thrown on the ground, as someone could trip and get hurt.

8. Close the lid before flushing.

To stop germs from “flying,” doctors advise closing the lid before flushing. You have a lower chance of coming into contact with dangerous microbes as a result.

9. Don’t throw anything in the commode.

Tissue paper should only be disposed of in the dustbin. It is required to place sanitary napkins in dustbins after wrapping them in polybags.

10. If required, use the toilet brush to clean.

Leaving the toilet as you found it is one of the main guidelines, so occasionally you may need to do a fast clean-up with the toilet brush. No one is interested in looking at your potty stains.

11. Reduce the smell.

While leaving your potty smell on display in your house may or may not be okay, a bathroom at work is typically shared by coworkers and others who may not find your smell to be as appealing as you do. If your toilet smells a little too strong, consider taking a courtesy flush to minimize your own odors.

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12. Keep it clean.

Always keep the floor dry and the toilet clean. Please wipe the seat for the next person if there have been leaks. Keep flushing in mind.

13. Wash your hand.

Hand washing is another essential bathroom habit for maintaining good personal hygiene. Germs can be avoided by using soap, warm water, and a rigorous handwashing regimen.

14. Don’t use air freshener in excess

Sure, put on an air freshener. Not too much, though. There should be no lingering scents or canned air to inhale for the next person to use the toilet.

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