10 Bollywood Worst Movies Ever

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There are good movies, there are awful movies, and there are movies that make you lose faith in the Bollywood film industry. These movies can be counted among Bollywood’s worst movies ever. Certain movies have left us shuddering uncontrollably because they were so irrational with no logic. The point is that some movies could cause you to question your sanity. Here are some of the Bollywood movies you should avoid based on their poor reviews. Nevertheless, if you like watching creepy, sickening movies for enjoyment, you might consider this to be a jackpot!

Although trailers can be highly conflicting, it can be difficult to determine which films are the best and which ones are the worst movies ever made. Here is the list of some of Bollywood’s worst movies ever.

1.Himmatwala: The Top Worst Movies Ever Made

This Ajay Devgn-starring adaptation of the 1983 film Himmatwala, which starred Jeetendra, is difficult to watch and not at all funny. Sajid Khan appears to be glorifying the 1980s with this uninteresting satire in his film. Himmatwala does not let you down on the scale of going worse with each scene, whether it be in the dialogue, the lyrics, or even the monotonous storyline. One would need a lot of bravery to watch this movie, despite the fact that critics describe it as an unpleasant experience. Himmatwala is one of the worst movies ever made by Bollywood.

worst movies ever
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2. Humshakals

We also have another Sajid Khan film on the list; Humshakals, which was released in 2014. Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh, and Ram Kapoor play the key roles in the film, which centres on the traditional idea of having doppelgängers, or judwaas. The comedy in the film, which was meant to be lighthearted entertainment, is not really humorous, and it just gets worse as it goes on.

Humshakals is a chaotic journey with an anticipated plot in which the insane are replaced by the sane and vice versa, as well as some unfunny turns. To watch this film by Sajid Khan, one definitely needs a braveheart instead of popcorn. No wonder it is considered among the worst movies ever made to date.

worst movies ever
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3. Tees Maar Khan

The audience will wonder what is happening from the first scene to the last scene. It appears like the performers were instructed to deliver the language on their own because the director was unable to locate the dialogue writer.

With this one, Farah Khan appears to have been lost. It is a movie full of PJ’s, which is pushing it, I know! The result is a fiasco since Farah’s sense of humour and Akshay Kumar’s sense of humour seem to be entirely at odds with one another. Only the song Sheila Ki Jawani could do the audience any justice. Even by the ridiculous story standards, the script is quite absurd and a stretch. For want of a better term, Tees Maar Khan is total garbage!

worst movies ever
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4. Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag

Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag, maybe one of Bollywood’s most “remarkable” flop films, was a dismal disaster. Although being a remake of the legendary Sholay, the movie could not avoid a number of questionable distinctions. The movie, which starred Amitabh Bachchan, is recognized as being among the worst movies ever produced.

Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag was a commercial failure that was avoided by critics and viewers alike. It also cost its director, Ram Gopal Varma, a whopping $1 million for copyright violations. The 2007 action-drama movie is unquestionably remembered as one of Bollywood’s most ridiculous flops in history. It makes sense why it is regarded as one of the worst movies ever.

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5. Shamitabh

On paper, Shamitabh seems to be one of those movies that should have earned an audience but turned out to be the worst movies ever made. While Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush are among the cast, it is evident that it is not every day that you may watch a satire in Bollywood. Shamitabh only succeeded in becoming less than an ordinary Bollywood film due to mixed reviews from critics and audiences, as well as a box office take that fell short of its budget.

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6. Roy

Ranbir Kapoor may be one of Bollywood’s finest new-age stars, but over his film career, he has also produced a number of duds. Roy is one of the Bollywood flop films that Kapoor has been a part of. Roy, a 2015 movie, barely made back its production costs at the box office. But more than the box office, the movie’s reception from critics was what really turned it into a flop.

Roy remained a completely forgettable debut in Bollywood due to the entirely unfavorable reviews and low ratings by critics. No wonder it is among the 10 worst movies ever made. Except for the song “Chitiyan Kalayian Re,” nothing worked for the movie.

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7. Aap Kaa Suroor

Himesh Reshammiya was quite popular in the 2000s. Even his most devoted admirers were confused when he decided to film a movie based on his life, even though he was passable on the music scene. This film, which also stars Hansika Motwani, was intended to be an exciting murder mystery. But as the surprise was unveiled, we all collectively gasped at the insanity. Its plot was so terrible that it not only has one of the lowest IMDb ratings, but its spoofs and critiques continue to be popular today. Watch this video, which is still accessible online, if you want to know what obsession with Germany looks like.

This film is one of Bollywood’s worst movies ever made.

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8. Desh Drohi

You might recognize Kamaal R. Khan as the person who publishes blatantly biased evaluations and engages in heated debates with trolls. You might also recall that he is the creator of Desh Drohi, a piece of absolute garbage that has been dubbed a “masterpiece”. Desh Drohi is among the worst movies ever made, starring KRK.

Why someone who makes such a bad movie should be able to critique other people’s work is practically incomprehensible. All we can do is suggest that you save your time and skip the show. Although the entire movie is available on Kamaal R Khan’s channel, it goes without saying that you should just stay away from this one.

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9. Main Tera Hero

Main Tera Hero is among the worst movies ever, despite being a remake of the popular Telugu movie Kandireega, 2011. This film was incredibly senseless and dumb in the name of humour, receiving a mere 5.1/10. Whether it is the script, the acting, or the direction, Main Tera Hero’s dramatic and unnecessary drama never ceases to amaze us. However, the rating for the original Telugu film was 6.2/10.

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10. Jaani Dushman

When directors place too much faith in subpar VFX, Jaani Dushman describes what occurs. The film’s attempts to imitate Hollywood blockbusters like The Mummy and The Matrix make things countless times worse in addition to having the most cringe-worthy special effects ever created.

A lot of victim blaming and casual misogyny are also present. This movie serves as proof that a star-studded cast, including Suniel Shetty, Akshay Kumar, Manisha Koirala, and even Sonu Nigam, cannot rescue a subpar movie. It is considered one of the worst movies ever in the history of the film fraternity. It is one of those movies that will make you want to squirm and retreat into a shell.

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