10 Funny Errors in the Bollywood Blockbusters

We love Bollywood movies and amidst this lock down, it has abridged our boredom due to plethora of time in our hand as we were tied to our couch throughout maintaining social distancing. They are adored for their fun element, be it fights or song or dance sequence and thought-provoking story lines. We are really a Bollywood stalwart, that often we ignore some of the trivial blunders, which the director could have easily gotten away with. Even the biggest movies of the decade are full of anomalies, many super hit movies have conspicuous hitches that make it for an amusing watch.

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Bollywood films are a box full of amazement. What is depicted in the movies like showing larger than life notions, extreme reactions or emotions, narrating a biopic in typical filmi style but we still love to watch them, as we connect with Bollywood movies, which reflect realism enormously. But there are numerous illogical things which are shown in the movies thousands of times such has a change of costumes within a blink of an eye, hairstyle, background artist, technical errors and many more. Silly errors can be noticed with a little attention. Here are few funny mistakes in your favorite movie, which I am sure you must have skipped:

1.The song Kamli, in the super hit movie Dhoom 3, in which the leading lady Katrina Kaif was getting rid of her clothes one by one, took our breath away. But did you notice, while dancing on the peppy number, in one of the scenes an invisible stockings appear suddenly, which left us stunned.

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2. In Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, which started the genre of rom-com with a glimpse of traditional and modern culture, the later part of the movie was based in Punjab, but the climax takes place in Apta, a station in Maharashtra, which is definitely not part of Punjab.

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3. This mistake I am sure most of us would have noticed in the movie Ra one. Though, Shahrukh character was Christian in the movie and when he died, he was cremated in a coffin. But in the subsequent scene, Kareena was seen submerging his ashes in the Ganges. The silly mistake became the barrel of all jokes on the internet.

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4. Baahubali, one of the most outstanding and exceptional movie also had its share of flaws. We were indeed enthralled on the abrupt change comes in Tamannah’s tube blouse. The blouse was mystic and super sexy.

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5. In Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, when the robbers were robbing Ajay and Aishwarya, one of the dacoit shot her in the neck. But in the hospital, only one arm is strapped up.

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6. Amitabh Bachchan was shown using the Nokia 9000 communicator in the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, but the communicator was launched in the year 1996.

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8. Another hilarious mistake in the blockbuster Krish, Rohit was staying in Singapore for last 2 years. But Preity Zinta, his wife got pregnant while staying in India. Do people get pregnant while having virtual sex?

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8.  In Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara, Katrina Kaif asks ‘can I borrow your bike’ to ‘the biker prima Donna’ but suddenly there are two different costumes in a single scene. What was that? Did we miss the changing room?

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9. The epic scene in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, where SRK find Kajol’s bra. This seemed to be forced scene in the movie. Because when accidently Kajol’s bag open, she grabbed all her stuff from the train floor and had kept it back in her bag.

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10. In the same movie, DDLJ  the song “Tujhe Dekha Tau Ye Jaana Sanam” which mesmerized the fans had a loophole. Kajol was standing on the green grass and as the song starts playing she comes running in the field filled with mustard flowers to meet his love Shahrukh Khan. I never knew immediate cultivation of mustard crop was possible or was it overlooking few faults by the director.

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