Working Moms – 10 Essential Ways to Manage Your Time

working moms

There is a saying, “You cannot have the best of both the world”. Many working moms gripe about not giving quality time to their family especially children. They are trapped in this guilt forever. A job of a Working mom never gets over. They have it hard. Trying to maintain a balance between work, family and parenting can be very taxing, chaotic, and thankless. They are being alleged as not fully present as an employee or a mom. The burden in their head because of the divided attention between family and office is stressful. But there is nothing that cannot be managed.

Here are some practical parenting tips for working moms to optimize their time and find a balance that will make their life convenient:

1.Plan your Mornings:

To make your morning easier it is necessary to plan a night prior or during weekends. On weekends you can iron the clothes in advance for the entire week, decide the menu for the week, fill in the petrol, buy essential groceries you are going to need during weekdays, arrange your purse, and do several other tasks you can finish during weekends. Planning will ease your stress and will give you some time to exercise.

2. Find a good babysitter:

Good childcare is the need of an hour if your kids are small. This will give you peace of mind throughout the day at work. You can also look for some reliable day-care centers. Ask your friends and family as they will be the best people to guide you. A nanny should be with oodles of experience and someone who can take care of the child if they are unwell in case you cannot take a leave.

You can also install cameras in your home and ask for their pictures. Be in touch with your children through phone or video calls during your break time. Don’t forget to check the backgrounds of the nanny and also get their test done for any infectious disease, HIV, Covid, and Tuberculosis.

3. Make your children independent:

Making your kids self-reliant is the best way to have some quality time together. Teach them how to brush their teeth, wear school uniforms, polish their shoes, let them do their school projects, and other house chore activities such as helping in the kitchen, folding the sheets, arranging their cupboard. Even if they don’t do it flawlessly, it is okay. If you continue to do everything for them, they will never learn. This will also increase your burden, and will add up to your stress. Go on long, vacations or weekend outings or arrange family picnics often.

working moms

4. Get rid of the word Perfection:

Learn to take things easy – stay away from jargon such as perfect mom, perfect housewife, perfect daughter-in-law, best employee. The habit of doing things your own immaculately will add up to your responsibility. This will also reduce your expectations from yourself as no one demands you to be the best, it is you who is screwed in your head to be perfect in everything. It is okay if your kids can’t make the bed perfectly or make a mess while eating their meal or doesn’t tie the shoelace properly. They will eventually learn.

5. Limit commotions and reduce your screen time:

It is better to reduce your social media time or time you spend over the phone. Such things you can do when your kids are asleep. It is important to limit your TV watching time as it takes too much time and you want to save your brain for your children. Unnecessary internet surfing, numerous exchanges of messages, long phone calls at work will reduce your productivity as well.

working moms

6. Make some family time for kids:

Engaging your children in some family activity will make the bond stronger. You all can play board games or do outdoor activities such as badminton or football. Family outing once a week is also very important as this will break the monotony and reduce boredom. Abstain from bringing work at home or checking emails in case it’s your off.

7. Deliver at doorstep:

Avail as many online services as you can or buy from shops which has facility of home deliveries. This will make a working moms life easy and will save a lot of time.

8. Get rid of the guilt:

Working moms are often judged for leaving their kids at home, and neglecting them for their job. Few out of every odd lady has this choice of sitting at home and taking care of the child. Some women need money and others don’t want to give up on their professions. Rather than living with this guilt of not being with your child, you should think about how your job can be helpful for their future. You can save for their education and provide them facilities which everyone can’t afford. There be days you will feel exhausted, but it’s okay that’s part of life. Not everything can be hunky-dory.

working moms

9. Learn to say No:

There is no obligation to say “YES” to each social gathering or party or PTA meeting. It all depends upon your schedule and how much you can handle at the cost of your mental peace. It’s an issue with many people as they can’t say No to others. Most of us fear that saying no will make the other person angry. But you need to value your time.

10. Stop comparing:

Comparison can result in mental disaster. There is no competition going on to see whose child scores more in the exam or whose house is the cleanest. Everyone is fighting their own battle. Every working moms pace is different than the other. So, focus on your kid and life. Don’t compare your circumstances with other working moms this will take away whatever peace is left.

working moms

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