Winters – 5 Best Ways to Stay Healthy During This Cold Weather


Winters have knocked our doorstep; this is the time of the year, which is packed with fun and cheerfulness. A cold morning, warm clothing, delicious food, hot coffee, marriage celebrations, beautiful afternoon’s makes it a wonderful season. The chilly weather carries its own magnetism and friendliness, which comprises of holidays with family, Christmas and New Year’s eve and many other enthralling outings, but it is also a season of extreme cold, dryness, flu and other infections. Winter is a season to brace yourself for the cold and rough weather. People are more vulnerable to exposure to cold, cough and flu, making this time a difficult phase to handle.

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Hospitals and clinics are jam packed with patients suffering from viral diseases. The season makes the body sluggish and depletes the overall energy.  Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself from the harsh winter conditions and take care of your health to enjoy this magnificent season and remain worry-free Apart from eating a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, which boosts the immune system, there are 5 healthy tips to stay fit during winters:

1.Layer up:

Covering your body is the first step to protect yourself in cold weather. During winters, the body loses its warmth. So, whenever you step out of your home, make sure to cover yourself properly. Use scarves, earmuffs, gloves to cover your head, ear, mouth, feet, etc. No matter how freezing the temperature is, wear a several layer of warm clothes next to your skin than wearing one warm heavy jacket. This will keep you warm and cozy.


2. Hydrate yourself:

During winters, water is the most forgotten nutrient, as the usual symptoms of dehydration are generally not apparent. The outcome can be bigger signs of dehydration such as muscle pain, increased breathing rate and disorientation. Therefore, drink plenty of fluids (which doesn’t include alcohol, of course). It is a myth that alcohol heats up your body, but in reality, it’s the other way round. Alcohol reduces your body temperature, so it’s better to opt for hot soups, drink ample water, milk, vegetable juice, to sustain the hydration of your body.

3. Keep your skin moisturized:

Damaged skin is one of the hazards of cold weather, as it takes a lot of toll on your skin. Dry skin is the most common problem faced by the majority of people, which is due to low humidity level. Averting dry winter skin by applying a moisturizer is the best solution. This keeps your skin supple, glowing and reduces early signs of ageing. Winter damages the skin resulting in dry, cracked heels, scratchy skin and chapped lips. Skin care should be a part of your daily routine, especially in winters, which includes moisturizing and applying sunscreen.

4. Maintain good hygiene:

The rate at which people fall sick in winter is very high, as the common hygiene measures tends to get neglected. Communicable diseases like cold, cough, chest infection, asthma, etc. gets aggravated during this harsh weather. Therefore, it is vital to follow basic hygiene practices such as washing your hand, bathing regularly (the most overlooked part), washing your woolens, getting some sun, washing your hair etc., to keep the bacteria and viruses away.

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5. Avoid hot water bath:

It is very natural to take hot water bath, during winters. There is a lot of difference between the temperature outside and the heat inside the body. This gap or discrepancy can result in skin rashes, high fever and cold, etc. It looks very enticing to take a warm water bath. Make sure that the water is not very hot, but lukewarm without any magnitude of temperatures.

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