Why you bounce back on your weight after losing?

weight bounce back

It is a common problem faced by most of the individuals, who are on the path of losing weight. Unfortunately the weight comes back again and makes you dishearten and reduces the motivation level. Let us talk on the reasons why you gain weight after losing it:

1.Following unrealistic diet plan: When people choose to follow a strict and unrealistic diet plan for immediate weight loss, after a while the weight they have lost starts bouncing back. There are many bad diets that are designed to work for quick results like zero carbohydrate, liquid diet, no fat and many more. Have you heard this term “Quick rich scheme” where people are lured towards earning money fast but the end result is fatal, the same goes here also. Very low calorie diet gives you a quick weight loss but one cannot follow them for a longer period of time. They can have lot of complications on your health. The rapid loss is temporary; you not only lose fat but your muscles as well. It is better to bring a change in your lifestyle for long term results.

2. You stopped working out: Here we go, you remember the time when you were crazy to lose weight, you would spend hours and hours in the gym doing cardio, weights, stretches but as you start fitting into those sexy dresses and lost a lot of weight and inches, after a while you started taking your weight loss for granted and stopped exercising. Exercise is the most important part for a long term weight loss and maintenance. To prevent yourself from gaining weight it is mandatory to work out on a regular basis. Losing weight is much easier than maintaining it.

3. You became casual: I know personally know many people who lose weight and end up gaining it back, the reason behind is the consistency they should in the initial stage is lacking. They have become casual about their diet and exercise routine. Consistency is a key to success; the same rule applies on your body also.

4. Following the same routine again and again: When you follow the same routine over and over again, the body hits the plateau weight and in many cases people do start gaining some weight. This is the most annoying situation because you just fail to understand what wrong you are doing. The body has stopped responding to your diet and workout. Inspite of following a diet plan, regularly exercising, you are still gaining weight rather losing. The key to losing weight is to introduce a variety of exercise routine and diet plans so that your body will begin to make changes and doesn’t get use to the same old routine.

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5. Stopped weighing yourself: This is one of the most common mistakes which people make after achieving their target weight. Monitoring your weight on regular basis will keep you aware of any sudden weight gain. People who weigh themselves regularly tend to eat lesser calories which are very essential in maintaining the weight and keep you aware of your progression.

6. Focused on short term gain: Successful weight loss is always long term. It is quiet challenging also. What we see in the market are short term plans for a temporary weight loss (it is more money making gimmick). Inappropriate and harsh diet/exercise routine burns calorie and makes you lose weight but can lead to substantial weight gain. This can have a counterproductive effect on your body and cause many health problems.

7. It’s all about will power: Fitness is a life style change and not just a temporary control on your mouth. There are many kinds of diet which one can’t follow for a long time therefore a mindful approach is required before getting carried away towards such fad routine. A wrong mindset leads to weight gain.

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8. Not getting enough sleep: Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain. Insomnia and poor quality of sleep disturbs your hormones which induces weight gain and makes you tired throughout the day. It also decreases your energy level and can lead to risk of obesity and diabetes.

9. Toxins in the body: Despite regular exercise, eating healthy, sleeping well the weight doesn’t go, high chances that body is filled with toxins which is disturbing your hormones that are responsible for maintaining weight.

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Lastly, losing weight can be a challenging thing but maintaining it is the most crucial thing. There are no shortcuts for having a healthy body. One needs lot of patience and consistency.

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