Why its good to exercise during menstruation……

There are lot of myths which you must have heard related to menstruation and exercise. When I started exercising, lot of people stopped me from doing it during my menstruation period by saying exercising is not safe, you should rest and you are going to damage your body. But no one ever stopped me from going to work, I really call it hypocrisy. In fact exercise helps in decreasing the menstrual cramp pain.

There are lot of changes which takes place during periods. Exercise releases the feel good hormones known as endorphins which can further reduce symptoms attached to your periods like mood swing, stress, pain, irritability.

Opt for an exercise which you are more comfortable in and enjoy like walking, aerobics, weight training, yoga, body balance. The idea is to indulge in a light workout with some music which is going to alleviate your mood. Avoid lifting heavy weights or anything which is very strenuous. Over exercising can cause inflammation which can aggravate your pain.

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Any position in yoga which is inversion type (upside down) – stay away from it. Some studies say inversion pose can swell the blood vessels in the uterus, which can increase your blood flow. Some says it is because of the pressure on your back, if you experience immense pain in your back during your cycle, inverted poses should be avoided.

I believe everyone has a different energy levels and skills but there is no harm in avoiding few things for 2 to 3 days. I would rather avoid than keep thinking whether I should do inverted poses or not and focus on things I can do without any discomfort. I know many females who skip exercise during their periods. It’s not a disability or a disease.

Take care of your hygiene once you are done with your workout.

1. Use antifungal soap and take a shower after your workout.

2. Change your clothes fully.  Don’t use the same track pant the next day.

3. Use a fresh sanitary pad or tampon.

4. Certain pads are very harsh and can cause rash. Use organic cotton pads and apply ointment.

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Lastly, listen to your body first if your body says no;  stop your workout whether you are menstruating or not.

Take care of your health

Because health is by default wealth

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