An entrepreneur life demands a lot of time and attention. It involves immense hard work.  Starting a business is merely a small step but as the business grows it takes all your energy and can exhaust you mentally and physically. One has to start from the scratch; he has to take care of the finances, getting orders, managing people, leading them. It requires so many skills and attributes. Everyday there are new challenges.  Taking care of so many tasks can take a toll on the health.

The most important asset of any business is the one who has started the business i.e. the founder. If the founder is not fit and keeps falling ill, there are remote chances that the company will grow and if anything happens to the founder the business will shut down. Most of the traditional businesses face this challenge. It only works till the time owner is working.

There is a cut throat competition these days to deal with that people skip sleep, eat unhealthy, consume alcohol to deal with the pressure, work more than their capacity. The life of an entrepreneur becomes so stressful and hectic that they stop taking care of themselves. I know a lot of people in my family who hardly takes a break or spend time with their family, even if they are out for a family gathering there phone doesn’t stop ringing.

Here is a list of things an entrepreneur should follow to take care of their health to sustain for a longer period of time:

Exercise: Many studies have proved positive effects of exercising, on mind and body both. It increases your heart rate and improves your circulation; the increased blood flow further raises the oxygen level in your body.  It enhances your energy levels and also reduces your risk of chronic disease. It sharpens your brain health and memory. It reduces stress and helps you in losing weight. It also improves the quality of your sleep. It boosts your mood and makes you happy. An entrepreneur should exercise for a better and an improved quality of life.

Sleep: This is the first thing which we take for granted when we start our business since we have to deal with so many crisis situations. Proper sleep makes you more alert and increases your efficiency. It reduces inflammation in the body and also improves your memory. People who take adequate amount of sleep are less irritable than the people who sleep less. Sleep reduces stress, strengthens your immune system.  Sleep deficiency can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, increases your weight, and increases your chances of heart disease and stroke. If we take proper sleep we get up fresh the next day.


Don’t use electronic gadgets like mobile phone or laptop 45 minutes to 1 hour before you sleep and after you wake up. Spend time with your family and think about the things you are grateful for and feel the positive energy. This will relax your mind. Unplug you from technology for some time.

Spend time with family and friends:  Family time is very important for rejuvenation. Business people are mostly occupied in business meetings and get together; they hardly have time to spend with their spouse, kids and friends. We are working hard for our family and they are the ones who are being ignored the most. Being with family makes you feel loved, wanted and also builds self worth. They are the ones who will stand by you in the toughest of your situations.

Don’t get caught with failure: Failure is inevitable and it’s a part and parcel of life. Not all days can be the same. People get into depression zone if they don’t get a particular order they were looking forward to or have lost a huge amount of money in the business. The problem is not failure but the inability to handle it. I am not saying it’s easy to take failure on your stride but it should not ruin your peace of mind and health. Failure makes us strong. It’s preparing us for something big.  It will for sure heal bigger and you will turn out to be someone stronger than before. An entrepreneur has no other option other than dealing with failure with lot of courage and strength otherwise they won’t be able to uplift themselves again.

Eat healthy:  Eating a healthy diet reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity. A person gets good nutrition, minerals and vitamins which are very essential for day to day life. A healthy body can function better than a body which is unhealthy. An entrepreneur should take care of their eating habit.


I personally feel, we all deserve to live a good life. Work is of course important but not at the cost of your health. As I say “HEALTH IS BY DEFAULT WEALTH”.

Stay healthy

Stay happy

By Poonam


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