Weak Immunity – 6 Food Habits That Weakens Your Immune System

weak immunity
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Amidst this coronavirus pandemic, we have got worried about our immune system. A weak immunity is responsible for inflammation in the body. The immune system is very essential to prevent you from viruses and it also fights off infection. Bacteria and germs are present everywhere, therefore weak immunity will make you susceptible to these parasites and several contagious diseases. A proper nutrition and a regular workout are very essential to keep your body strong and fit especially during this phase.

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Food is linked to your mood. Many of us crave for sugar or carbohydrates when they are in a bad mood. Grabbing a pack of potato chips, chocolate, candies, etc. are considered as the best way to keep stress away. The easy to pick food are the processed food packed in colorful wrappers with various shapes and size, which makes you crave for them all the time and can also result in binge eating.  Anything in excess impacts your immune response and results in infection.

weak immunity
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Today, we are fighting the deadly disease, which doesn’t have any treatment. Therefore, it is very important for you to watch what you eat, don’t overlook your health and avoid food items which can result in weak immunity. The food we eat can make you unwell, there is no doubt. But the question remains what kind of food can risk your immune system. What you eat impacts how well your body performs. Eating a balanced diet with a variety of colors, provides your body with essential minerals and vitamins. Through this article I am going to highlight several food items which you eat often and can be a reason behind your weak immunity.

1.Excess of Salt in the Food:

An excess amount of salt in the body slowly weakens your immune system. High salt food items such as chips, salad dressing, salted nuts, frozen meals, etc. may damage your body’s immunity and can cause cholesterol and high blood pressure. They also trigger infection and enhances the chance of autoimmune illnesses.

weak immunity
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2. High intake of sugar:

Added sugar impacts your overall health. If you consume sugar in high amount in the form of candies, cookies, breakfast cereals and soda etc. can weaken your immune response. It can also result in life threatening diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart problems.

weak immunity
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3. Consumption of Refined carbohydrate:

Food items made of refined flour such as white bread, white rice, cakes, patties, etc. can be a reason behind your weak immunity. During the elaboration method, they lose their roughage and germs, which implies, that most of the vitamins, minerals and fiber are removed. They are also high in calorie and low in nutrition.

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4. Excess intake of processed food:

Processed food contains artificial color, MSG, trans fat, artificial flavoring, etc. to increase the shelf life and improve taste, which may can impact your immune system. High intake of food items such as chips, tinned vegetables, meat products, ready to eat meals, etc. can increase the chance of numerous immune conditions.

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5. Over intake of caffeine:

Too much caffeine in the form of tea, coffee and sodas can increase the chance of infection and compromise your immune system. They also disturb your sleep patterns and can result in weak immunity.

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6. Artificial sweetener:

You must have noticed many people have switched to artificial sweetener due to diabetes or weight loss. They are also associated with increased inflammation in the stomach, which can have a harmful effect on your immunity.

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A weak immunity can cause several healthy issues. Today, a healthy immune system is a need of an hour. It is important to limit your food and beverages which can have an adverse effect on your body. Staying away from alcohol and tobacco is very essential to support a healthy immune system.



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