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Vegan Diet – The word Vegan sounds like some enigmatic idea. Many people feel becoming vegan implies – eating grass. Which is definitely not the case. Some feel if they will turn vegan, they will be deprived of all the delicacies in the world. Well, turning vegan is much easier than you might contemplate because a vegan person can eat anything except meat, eggs and dairy products. So, let’s talk about it in detail.

Vegan is Trending

Being Vegan is trending these days, there has been a rise in the number of individuals, eliminating meat and dairy products from their diet completely. As per the research by The Vegan Society, between 2006 and 2018, the amount of people turned vegans in the UK augmented. Other studies say, around 6 % of Americans consume a vegan diet. Many people shun dairy, steak and other animal products due to its health benefits, but for others their love for animals or other personal and societal reasons made them a vegan, which makes the choice a piece of cake.  But, the most potential reason remains the promised health benefits attached to it, appealing a lot of scientific focus.

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A plant-based diet is usually considered to be high in fibre, protein, calcium and reduces the cholesterol level. Although, there are fallacies and concern related to entirely eliminate fish, eggs and dairy product from the diet. One gets some great benefits of following a meatless diet, but it can be challenging too.

Vegan diets could be one of the healthiest diet, overtaking Vegetarian, Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian and Pescatarian, because the diet includes colorful fruits, legumes, nuts and vegetables which comprises of numerous health benefits. In fact, vegan people are thinner and have longer life expectancy. The vegan diet is rich in magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, folic acid and phytochemicals. The diet is very beneficial for obese, heart and type 2 diabetic patients as it is lower in calories, saturated fat and cholesterol.

Perks of being a Vegan on the body

Plant based food has anti-inflammatory properties and also aids in digestion. A Vegan diet promotes weight loss, reduces the chances of certain types of cancers like mouth, stomach and esophagus cancer and also lowers the risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure. People who eat plant based food had lower BMI – Body Mass Index than people who ate meat.

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Perks of being a Vegan on the Environment

A meatless diet also has a huge impact on the environment, as it shrinks your carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is a number of greenhouse gas secretions that originates from the manufacturing, use and decay of a product or service. Since livestock production is the prime reason behind a huge amount of global greenhouse gas releases.

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Becoming a Vegan is not Complex as we think

There is a misconception attached to becoming a vegan like –  it is going to be too boring or will I be stuck with eating tofu every single day? Or how will I survive without milk products? Is it going to be too strict? Or will I get sufficient protein?

“Hang on for a while and stop running your horses”

There is a plethora of substitutes available for vegans like:

  • Protein: Quinoa, beans, soy, nuts, peanut, Chickpeas, Lentils
  • Calcium: Kale, Broccoli, Tofu, Soy milk, Oat milk, almonds
  • Iron: Tofu, Peanut butter, Spinach, Dried Food
  • Vitamin D: 15 minutes under the sun will give you sufficient Vitamin D, Soy milk
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid: Vegetable oil, flaxseeds, plant-based supplements
  • Vitamin B12: Fortified rice and cereals and soy milk or one can also take a supplement
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Simple Tip

Choosing a vegan diet is just not about eliminating animal products. But, one needs to combine colorful fruits and vegetables along with whole grain, good fats and a plant-based source of protein. An individual can create their own roadmap and closely watch their goals. If you are devoted to this lifestyle, you will be happier with making the change.

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Veganism is one of the most prevailing ways in which a person can support animal rights, save the environment, improve your health, and conserve natural resources


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