8 Unhealthy mistakes you make after eating Food

Unhealthy Mistakes

Do you really think sleeping, working out, drinking water etc. are all elements of a healthy lifestyle?

The answer is No….

We all want to eat healthy food and stay fit, for that many of us have changed their lifestyle from junk eater to sensible eater, have started working out, doing lot of things which will make them fitter day by day. Sleeping, working out, drinking water etc. are all elements of a healthy lifestyle but not immediately after a meal. There are many unhealthy mistakes we do after eating food:

1. Eating fruits:

Eating fruits after your food is a bad idea. The nutrients are not absorbed properly. When you combine food and fruit together, the digestion gets very slow, this can ferment the food in the gut which can cause diarrhoea, bloating, acidity. Fruits should be taken empty stomach.



2. Drinking Water:

Drinking water immediately after a meal can cause major health problems. It weakens your digestion strength which can cause heartburn. Since water is a coolant, it dilutes the gastric juices, which is essential for a healthy digestion, this leads to acid reflux and can also make you obese. There should be a gap of minimum 30 to 45  minutes after a meal for you to have water. When you immediately sleep after your meal, this bulks up your fat in the body and high chances you will gain weight.


3. Exercise after a meal:

Exercising after eating food is like inviting digestive troubles. Your stomach is full after a meal and when you immediately start working out, this can cause reflux, nausea and vomiting. Body needs to digest the food first, you cannot workout with food in the stomach. It is a bad idea. Keep a gap of 3 to 4 hours between your meal and exercise.

4. Sleeping:

Sleeping after a meal is the most common mistake people make, but it can lead to health risks. The food is not yet digested and your digestive system has to do lot of struggle to digest to it, this may cause acid reflux which is very uncomfortable. The excess of stomach acid causes heartburn and may increase your blood sugar level and blood pressure.

5. Smoking:

A cigarette after a meal can be very dangerous. It increases the risk of heartburn and peptic ulcer. When you smoke it effects, the entire parts of your body including the digestive system. People may can suffer from liver disease, crohn’s disease.

6. Having tea/coffee:

Drinking tea or coffee after a meal can interfere with the iron absorption in the body. It is acidic in nature, when it enters inside your body immediately after the food, it  slows down the digestion process.


7. Taking a shower:

Showering after a heavy meal decreases your body temperature, which delays digestion. The blood moves to other body part when we shower rather than helping with the digestion process.

8. Reading or studying:

A good meal can make you sluggish and sleepy as the stomach demands more blood supply than usual and can’t send enough brain to the blood, oxygen and glucose. This even reduces your concentration level.

Sometimes its not about how much healthy we eat, but timings do matter as well.

Take care

Stay happy

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