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Everyone has to turn 30 sooner or later; you just can’t avoid it unless……… you know what I mean. Therefore, instead of getting upset about crossing your twenties, it’s time to wake up now and smell the coffee. It is the right time to pick up some good habits and throw away the unnecessary baggage. Let’s try to create some magic in your life by bringing some changes in your lifestyle for a better present and a promising future. Here are the list of 20 things you should start doing now after turning 30:

1.Time to save: There is a saying, it’s never too late. So if you haven’t started now it is completely okay. Start from today. Keep a track of all your expenses and maintain a diary. Set a goal for savings and aim to save 20 to 30 % of your income. Savings can be categorized into 3 parts short, mid and long term then figure out ways to save your money. Money can be saved in various forms like Mutual funds, fixed deposits, Recurring deposits, PPF etc. If you want you can discuss the same with a financial planner as per your income and expenses.

2. Eat healthy: High time you should start taking care of what you eat. With age your metabolism slows down, you can’t continue to eat food the way you use to in your 20’s this is the harsh reality. I am not saying don’t enjoy life but eating a healthy and sustainable diet is very important in the long run. The key to healthy diet is eating the right kind of food with right amount of calories. Eating healthy is the first thing you can do to remain in good health.

3. Exercise: Exercising has a lot of health benefits. As we age, the body becomes weak and immunity also decreases. Losing weight becomes difficult as metabolism of the body also reduces. At this age body becomes prone to back aches so it is very important to have a fitness routine which includes cardio, strength and stretches.

4. Buy instead of renting: Buying a house is always better than renting. I am not talking about buying multiple houses for investment purpose (it’s better to put money somewhere else), but here I am talking about buying at least one house which you can call your own. God forbid anything happens to your job in the future, you will feel blessed for taking the right decision at the right time.

5. Quit smoking and drinking: Smoking and drinking affects the body and weakens the immune system. Occasionally, it is still okay but if you are doing the way you use to during your teens, it will cause some serious health issues.

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6. Take your vitamins: It is essential to take vitamins as you touch 30 because post 30 body losses it’s bone mass and strength. Someone said, “Keep yourself healthy with the right mix of vitamins”. They are required for a good health. Vitamins are also known as micro nutrients; small amount is more than enough for a healthy life as they have numerous amounts of role in the proper functioning of the body.

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7. Hangout with your parents: As you age, always remember your parents are aging too. Try and spend as much as time you can before it gets too late. Take them out to the places they have never been before, they would definitely love it. Their secret desire is to be around you.

8. Stay away from toxic people: Life is too short to be wasted on harmful and toxic people. As you turn 30, you must have realized by now time is very precious and something very precious can’t be wasted on people who make you feel bad about yourself.

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9. Start using moisturizer: The skin tends to become dry as you cross 30 which tend to invite wrinkles on the face. Moisturizing everyday makes your skin supple and helps in fighting premature ageing.

10. Stop comparing: Comparison is a disease which most of us have suffered from. It only brings pain in the life. It’s high time we should stop comparing ourselves with others and live a life that makes us happy. The pressure to do your best only makes things worse.

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11. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes: We all have made mistakes in the past; none of us is a saint. But if you keep holding on those grudges towards you, your life will get ruined. Free yourself from all the pain in the heart and fly like a free bird.

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12. Take up a hobby: If you feel you are old enough to take up a hobby then there is something wrong with your brain. For a happy mind and peaceful soul it is important to do something which gives you immense pleasure and let you grow. This will reduce your stress level also.

13. Say thank you often: Thank you is the most powerful combination of words. When we saying “thank you” we are appreciating the kindness the other person has shown towards us. It is simple and when we say it with all our emotions, it actually touches the other person’s heart.

14. Invest in good things: Be it clothes, footwear, kitchen items etc make sure you are buying the best quality product and not compromising because of cost or buying for the heck of sale. Quality products comes with assurance and stay with you for a longer period of time. They also make you feel good.

15. Keep money for emergencies: Life is unpredictable and there can be certain situations which are inevitable. It is very essential to at least keep 6 months of your salary as a backup plan. This will make sure you don’t have to worry at the time of crisis.

16. Have a health and a term insurance: Unexpected hospitalization and injuries can happen to anyone, you should always be ready for it. Many people think we will see when it happens but by the time we realize it gets too late and we are left with a heavy hospital bill, so what will you do then? It’s better to buy a health insurance plan as soon as possible. Term Policy is the most cost effective plan. It helps your family meet its financial needs in your absence. It offers peace of mind with affordable premiums and a life cover that you can choose depending on your family’s life style and financial needs. It covers your financial liabilities.

17. Work on your relationships: It is very easy to quit a relationship but the toughest part is to make it work. It is time to get serious about your life and focus on people who have been there with you through thick and thin. If you keep switching on from one partner to another partner to find someone better, you never be able to feel satisfied ever.

18. Go for regular checkups: As you go older it’s important to schedule a regular visit to the doctor. This can prevent you from any life threatening disease which is likely to happen in the future. Precaution is always better than cure.     

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19. Save for retirement: It’s never too late or early to start to save for your retirement, sooner the better as it takes off lot of mental pressure from your head. Start with saving 10% of your monthly earning and increasing the same as your income grows. You can open a PPF account also. SIP in a mutual fund is a great way to start. You can also open an IRA i.e. INDIVIDUAL RETTIREMENT ACCOUNT. Focus on starting today and don’t procrastinate.

20. Take care of your teeth:  With age, the wear and tear of the teeth increases. It is better to take care of your oral hygiene regime before your teeth starts creating problem. Take care of your teeth by regular flossing, brushing at least twice properly.

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Enjoy your life and don’t count the numbers. Be sensible.


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