Trekking – 8 Important Essentials to Carry while on a Trek


When I booked my first trekking trip with Indiahikes, it was more of a getaway for me. Without even realizing what I am getting into, as for me it was like any other holiday, I just packed my bag. The adrenaline rush, splendid peaks, magnificent view, pollution free atmosphere made this trip a memorable experience for me. The fresh air, which we inhaled and exhaled, was a privileged stroke of fortune, an outcome of taking a first step to embark upon a new enticing adventure.

But, being an amateur, there were few things, which I wish I would have carried along with me. Therefore, I decided to share my experience regarding the same, so that other first timers or experienced trekkers do not miss out on essential things while on a trek. So, if you like to go for trekking or hiking over the hills, here are few absolute significant things, which you should carry along with you:

1.Down jacket

The down jacket is the best investment, if you are planning to go on a trek. It will keep you warm, comfortable and cozy in extreme cold temperatures. They are made of feather of birds like ducks or geese. Down jackets are known to be a good insulator.


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2. Head Lamp

This was one thing, which I missed a lot while I was on a trek with Indiahikes. Head Lamp is an essential thing to carry on a trek. During late evening or dark, one needs a light source. Therefore, a head lamp comes as a savior. It also doesn’t restrict your hand moment and keeps your hand free, while making your tent or going to the loo or trailing in the night or eating food etc. since it can be placed on your head.
3. Slippers

You don’t want to be in your trekking shoes all the time, as this can cause blisters. Once you are back to your base camp after a long walk, you need to let your feet breathe and rest for a while.

4. Cargo Pant

A cargo pant contains a lot of pockets, where you can store your snacks, mobiles, tissue papers, etc. I personally missed it because every time I needed something I had to reach my backpack.

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5. Lunch box and not plate

Many times a trekker has to pack their lunch at the trek and carry it along. So, plate won’t solve the purpose.

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6. Snacks:

While trekking, a person loses its energy much faster. Snacking will replenish the energy lost. You can carry dry fruits, energy bar, apple, biscuits, energy drinks, etc. and munch them throughout the trek to get that extra dose of strength, which will keep you going. And you don’t want to faint right?
7. Woolen gloves along with water proof gloves

Going on a trek in winters is not hunky dory, unless you pack well. Woolen gloves are a must as they keep your hands warm. Waterproof gloves are a bit bulky and takes away the functionality of your hand, therefore tasks like opening a water bottle or holding a spoon gets difficult. So, carry a sleek woolen glove which you can wear while doing any job.

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8. Sanitizer

There will be occasions when you may not be able to find a soap and water to clean your hands. Hand hygiene is the best defense against infection and during this pandemic no one wants to take a chance. A sanitizer comes handy even if you are on a trek.

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