Travel – 9 Super Ways To Maintain Weight While Travel


Travel – People tend to gain weight while they are on a vacation as they are less active, do overeating, take high calorie food, sleep less, booze more, drink less water etc (Can you relate, I think you can?). Here are few tips which one can use while on a vacation to avoid gaining weight or maintain their weight and also to get slim and trim photographs:

1.Be active throughout:

Try and be active as much as you can even in your hotel, make sure to take stairs rather than the elevator. Walk more, explore the place while walking. This has always worked for me as I get more involved with the area, the locals, the sign boards which I could have missed being in the car. Go for a jog or use the hotel gym. Whenever I travel, I prefer going for a long walks or a jog if on the hills or on the beach. The fresh air also opens my lung and makes me peaceful. Just be adventurous. If you are from Delhi you can understand how much fresh air is important for you as you have to deal with smog all day long.


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2. Be smart when snacking:

Always opt for healthier options like coconut water (you can eat the malai also as it’s not going to make you fat infact it has lot of nutritional value). Roasted channa or peanuts are a good option too. Fresh fruits are available everywhere. Buttermilk, sugarcane juice, unflavored yogurts can be eaten instead of munching on processed food and high calorie food.

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3. Breakfast should be the heaviest meal:

Yes yes yes no second thought on this, breakfast has to be the heaviest meal out of all but avoid too many combinations at one go like mixing south Indian sambhar with fruits or mixing fresh fruit juice with tea etc   (this will make your stomach flatulent and uneasy as fruit doesn’t combine well with other food).  You can have an omelet with whole wheat bread with some salad or grilled vegetables. You can also have a poha or an upma or idlis or a paranthas with less oil. Eating several combinations together can also disturb the digestion process of the body and can lead to problems like acidity, heartburn, gas, bloating etc. This is last thing you would like to have when on a vacation. 

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4. Drink plenty of water:  

Water is a miracle. It’s like our best friend. It aids in weight loss, improves the skin in fact a defense against aging and wrinkles in the skin, removes toxins from our system, it aids in digestion, and it gives energy as it delivers important nutrients to all of our cells. Drink water as per your body requirement and not restricted to number of glasses as what everyone says drink 2 liters or 8 glasses blah blah… 

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5. Control your portion size:

This is really very important to control your portion as I have seen people hogging at the breakfast table (since buffet is complimentary) as if this is the last meal available. See it’s your stomach be kind to it. Eat out of smaller plates. 

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Sleep deprivation is quite common during the holidays and it may cause weight gain, makes you more tired, gives puffy eye (this will make you wonder later when you will look at your pictures) and increases your hunger pang. I know you are there to explore but give rest to your body.

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7. Choose healthy drinks:

Always make it a point to always opt for healthy drinks over packaged/carbonated drinks like coconut water, buttermilk, milk, fresh juice, lemon water without salt/sugar. This will keep your tummy inside i am sure.

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8. Don’t skip meals:

Skipping meals can drop your blood sugar level and make you lethargic especially during travel. Eat on regular intervals so that you will have energy to enjoy each day to the fullest (that’s why we are there for and have spent huge amount of money).

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9. Go for a massage:

This is my favorite thing as it has lot of benefits. It also increases blood circulation, reduces stress level, improves sleep, relaxes the mind & body, reduces pain and muscle tension. So many things… never miss it.

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Guys, if you follow the above things I’m 100% sure you are going to come back losing those excess kilos and look slim trim. I wish you a healthier holiday, have fun.

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