Tooth Pari, A Netflix web series – Is it Worth Watching?

tooth pari
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The Netflix original series Tooth Pari: When Love Bites, made by Pratim Dasgupta, is set in contemporary Kolkata. The story is based on an eccentric urban fairy tale that takes place there.

The series Tooth Pari masterfully brings to life a world of vampires and witches. This show offers a unique twist on the vampire genre with an engaging plot, especially for a generation that has enjoyed watching Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. Tooth Pari on Netflix may be the initial entry point for the desi generation that has grown up with vampire sagas like Twilight or The Vampire Diaries.

An interesting story line

You won’t be bored at all with the Tooth Pari narrative; in fact, its engaging concept will keep you glued to the screen. A shy dentist, Shantanu Maheshwari (Doc Roy), falls in love with a vampire, Tanya Maniktala (Rumi), who comes to get her tooth mended in the Netflix original web series Tooth Pari, which tells an intriguing love story. Long ago, Rumi passed away and is now a vampire. And Roy is a dentist who still doesn’t know how to come out of his parents’ shell. However, as they attempt to balance their past and present, they ultimately consider the possibility of a future together.

The fight between the human and vampire worlds is gradually revealed as the two fall madly in love.  They strive to plan their romance and decide how they want to proceed. Rumi and Roy’s unexpected encounter leads to a myriad of experiences in the web series Tooth Pari.

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What worked for the series?

The director’s approach to the story is incredibly admirable. It provides a unique and fresh viewpoint on the vampire universe while being the least studied genre in the country. Therefore, when there aren’t enough resources on the subject, it can be difficult for every filmmaker to make their story work. However, the director did a fantastic job of pulling it off.

The character development in Tooth Pari deserves praise. Tooth Pari combines various genres to create the best possible world thanks to a talented cast that includes Revathy as Luna Luka, a woman who practises Wicca craft and is a member of Cutmundus (a cult that uncovers the vampires), Tillotama Shome as vampire Meera, and Sikander Kher as Inspector Kartik.

A love tale between a vampire and a dentist, an investigation thriller in which Kartik tries to find the owner of the canine and almost succeeds in penetrating the realm of vampires and witches. One of Tooth Pari’s strongest points is how Kolkata is portrayed, which also gives the story an interesting and dramatic atmosphere. The gorgeous landmarks of Kolkata have been skillfully and naturally interwoven into the plot. It significantly improves the graphics of the series. The story is made deeper and richer by the incorporation of the city’s distinctive culture and history.

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What didn’t work?

Two extraordinarily talented women, Tillotama and Revathi, are never given enough time on stage to completely exhibit their talent. Revathi receives an unoriginal, clichéd role, but Shome at least has a playful mood and a memorable persona.

The web serial Tooth Pari starts to lose its attraction in the second half as this fantasy tale devolves into a regular love story, or worse, a romantic triangle.

It is definitely worth watching

If you’re looking for a creative take on the vampire-human love tale, “Tooth Pari: When Love Bites” is worth watching. All evidence points to a new angle on the vampire-human narrative.

This Netflix original’s plot deviates from the usual vampire idea by including Indian elements, which also gives the show a unique and engrossing appeal.

It is a noteworthy addition to the genre because of how it combines love, supernatural intrigue, and cultural discovery.

tooth pari
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