7 Tips for Self Improvement

Self Improvement

Ask any one – Are you happy in life? Most likely the answer will be No or if someone is good enough to camouflage their expression, you may get a fake reply that absolutely no complaints. Self improvement is more about you being happy deep down and not what you portray to others. Enhancing your life is not a one time effort; it is a constant work on your mind and soul. I believe if you don’t work on self improvement, you will never be able to explore your true potential. It incorporates individual growth, self empathy, goal setting, being assertive and effective communication skills. Self improvement also makes you get rid of unwanted confusions in the head and gives you a clear direction.

Let me highlight some tips on Self Improvement

Change your attitude

Your attitude can change your life. Negative people focus more on the problems and not on the solutions. Problem itself is a negative term, try replacing it with challenge. How does it sound? Complaining about each and everything, putting blames on others for adverse situations, focusing only on the wrong doings and things which are not happening rather than putting efforts to rectify and make them happen. But the truth remains, this will only make you restless and will reduce your productivity. Problem messes up the brain, I agree. But what choice do you have other than looking at the challenge as an opportunity with a positive attitude and mindset.

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Accept failure

Many people get personal when they fail; they take it as a lack in them and they feel they are lesser than someone else. It becomes more of an ego issue. No one can deny the fact that we all have failed at some point of time. May be the dream job we wanted someone else got it, the promotion went away from our hand, girl friend got married to someone else, there are numerous stages where we have tasted failure. When we fail, it has nothing to do with you as a person or your efforts. It is devastating and painful, but what matters is bouncing back again. Taking every failure as a chance to reevaluate the situation and getting up again. Don’t be in a victim zone or portray yourself as a loser. Just remember one thing this is not the end.

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Start today

“It is never too late” is the most common phrase you must have heard. But I believe it may be common but it is a very powerful phrase. The hardest part is taking the first step. It can be anything like starting a new business, beginning an exercise routine, working on a new idea. Start taking initiative towards achieving your goals. Many people are scared to start their journey but remember one thing success is not an event, it is a process. Nothing will happen overnight, be ready to pay for your growth either financial or personal. Find a path towards accomplishing your desires and strive hard to reach where you always wanted to.

Be open to learning

Being open mind unfastens a lot of avenues and opportunities. But it is not that easy, we all are tied to our accidental thoughts and beliefs therefore it can be very challenging to keep our opinions aside and listen with a free mind. Understand one thing, if we listen to others we get to know their point of views and new thoughts which can be very beneficial in the long run. We should be open to all the aspects in life rather than fixing ourselves to our strong beliefs. In this process you also free yourself from being in control of your established ideas from the past.

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Respond and not react

Although these words look similar in interpretation but there is a deep difference between them. When a person reacts, he would say things out of instinct, without giving a thought. This can land you in a conflicting situation. It is like drinking water from any tap without thinking about the repercussions on your health. Whereas when we respond on a particular situation you give yourself ample time to register and then act in an appropriate manner. Nothing really triggers you and before responding you always weigh down the outcomes which shows your alertness, consideration and presence of mind. Because you’re very well aware that reaction can break the relationship forever.

Self Improvement

Be assertive

Being assertive means putting across what you want firmly. It is not similar to being bellicose or unfriendly. You just have to express yourself clearly. It is a person’s ability to express in a confident manner and being straight forward. Learn the power of “I”, always address yourself as I rather than using incorrect phrase like you are always… you never… you should. Self improvement starts when we address the crowd as “I” which displays you are self assured, optimistic and an open personality. There is a thin line between being assertive and being aggressive. So always be careful about your words and actions. While you speak stay calm and composed and focus on your body language as well.

Self Improvement

Quit bad habits

Nobody is perfect; you must have heard it zillion of times. Our mind set is stuck between two scenarios or things or habits good or bad and we can’t think beyond this comparison. So let me be precise here and only talk about habits you want to change. It either can be not putting your towel at the right place or wanting to start exercise but not able to or being addicted to social media or not washing your hand after eating food or to quit smoking and the list goes on, therefore the foremost step is to recognize the habit you want to change and take a decision that you want to get rid of it and put a continuous effort till the time it becomes your habit and gets inculcate in your daily lifestyle.

Self improvement is a decision and won’t happen rapidly or overnight. Give yourself sometime and see how it mends your life.

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