Tina Datta says Shalin didn’t respect his wife, calls him Ganda Aadmi

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On Bigg Boss 16, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta got into a heated argument. He referred to her as a fake and a sadist. Tina referred to him as “gande aadmi” and said she wants to leave the house.

Two Bigg Boss 16 contestants, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot, got into a fight inside the house. Shalin described Tina’s persona and referred to her as “nakli” and “ladko se chipakne waali.” When Tina lost her composure, she referred to him as “ganda aadmi” and threatened to slap him. She said that Shalin is such an awful person that he was unable to maintain his ex-wife’s dignity. Many fans responded to it.


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Tina claims Shalin is tearing her character apart and she regrets ever being friends with him.

“He is doing my character assassination,” a furious Tina said, “he could not keep her ex-dignity wife’s correctly, such a nasty person.” “Khud ki biwi ki dignity nhi rakha,” she added. Daljeet Kaur and Shalin separated in 2015 after being married.


Bigg Boss 16: Tina, Shalin, and Priyanka Fight

Shalin Bhanot was accused of having a “double face” by Priyanka Chahar Choudhary as he planned and plotted to remove Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia as captain, but instead supported her. Bhanot made a derogatory comment about Tina Datta after Priyanka and Tina Datta labelled her a “dogla,” claiming that she went on to another boy after he stopped talking to her.

” Shalin made fun of Tina Datta by saying, “Aapke samne ek ladka khatam hota hai, toha dusre ke saath chipakne lag jaate ho.” There was a very intense fight between the two participants on the most recent show.

Tina Datta fights with Shalin Bhanot and raises her hand to slap him.

Shalin Bhanot continued to poke fun at Tina Datta, and she became agitated. For character assassinating her on live tv, she threatened to slap Shalin.  The Uttaran actress said, I will slap you.” She further added, “You f****** ba*****.”

Shalin accused Tina of destroying his friendship with Sumbul Touqeer; however, Touqeer replied by declaring that Shalin was a mature 40-year-old who could make his own decisions.


tina datta
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Shiv chose Priyanka over Nimrit as a finalist.

Shiv picked Priyanka over his friend Nimrit to receive the ticket to finale week in the meantime. Without performing a task, Nimrit received a ticket to the grand finale. As Bigg Boss had stated that everyone would have the chance to compete for the chance to advance to the finale and steal Nimrit’s ticket, she was also exempt from nominations. In the recent episode, the housemates chose the contestants they wanted to see in the finals.

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