Tina Datta is the mastermind in the Bigg Boss 16 house

bigg boss 16

Bigg Boss 16 is becoming more and more vague. There is a mastermind on Bigg Boss every year. But among all the contestants, Tina Datta stands out as a star who has been playing her game and has received this tag. Tina has been collectively called the “true mastermind” by internet users, who also claim that she is in charge of the household. Here’s why she is becoming this season’s mastermind:

By convincing Shalin that Sumbul has a soft spot for you, Tina Datta played the game.

Tina Datta was the first to notice and draw attention to Sumbul’s obsession over Shalin. “As soon as Shalin and I get into a fight, you always take advantage,” Tina once told Sumbul. I cannot speak to him because of you.

Shalin loves me, and you are the one who keeps getting in the way. Tina fabricated a scene between Shalin and Sumbul. They eventually stopped talking to each other. Tina got eventually got a lot of footage because of this entire episode.

Bigg Boss 16
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Helping Sajid with his captaincy tasks and making an effort to join the Mandali.

In order to become the captain of the house, Tina made a calculated decision by forming an alliance with Sajid to preserve his captaincy. A smart move made by Datta.

Fake friendship with Abdu and MC Stan to increase her vote bank.

Sajid Khan warned Abdu Rozik to pay attention, alleging that Tina Datta and Priyanka Choudhary were trying to use him for votes from their fan base.

bigg boss 16
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Convinced Nimrit to protect Shalin from Gautam

Tina Datta has the ability to manipulate events to her benefit. Nimrit was convinced by Tina to choose Shalin over Gautam. Shalin Bhanot was a tool that Tina used in the show to maintain her spotlight.

To try and protect Shalin from Sumbul

Do you recall how cramped Shalin felt while Sumbul was present? He got this idea about how to get Sumbul away from Tina.

Tina came up with the idea of Shalin flirting with Soundarya in an attempt to help Shalin escape Sumbul. Before the episode involving the kiss that led to Shalin and Gautam’s conflict, Tina advised Shalin to flirt with Soundarya.

Tina was nicknamed “The Mastermind” by fellow contestants

Several times, Priyanka has referred to Tina as clever, and in one of the Weekend Ka Var episodes, Ankit made it quite obvious that Tina is the mastermind.

Tina Datta has a reputation for being aggressive and assertive within the home. Given that Shalin and Tina are no longer on speaking terms, it would be fun to observe her card game in the coming days.

Tina Datta

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