Tina Datta cries bitterly after Salman scolds her— Drama continues

Tina Datta

The most recent Bigg Boss 16 episode was full of emotion and drama. After their brawls last week, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta received criticism from Salman Khan for their insulting remarks. He called them out for speaking sloppily of them and involving their family members. Tina Datta lost control of her emotions and began sobbing hysterically after Salman Khan confronted her about her actions in the house. Later, she pleaded to be allowed to leave the house.

The way Tina sobbed in the most recent episode of Weekend Kaa Vaar irritated the fans.

Tina and Shalin angel have upset fans to the point of intolerance. The entire “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode was interesting as Salman Khan scolded Tina Datta for disclosing personal talks with Priyanka Chahar. Shalin and Tina received criticism from Salman Khan for their actions. No one from Tina or Shalin escaped the wrath of Salman bhai today, who seemed to be a little upset. The Tina-Shalin drama is getting on everyone’s nerves now that the once-in-love couple have turned into crazed foes.

Salman Khan schooled them for engaging in mudslinging when their fake relationship ended. After breaking down in tears, Tina implied on national TV that Salman Khan always puts the blame on her without taking his name.

tina datta
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Tina Datta is fake too

Tina is equally as fake as Shalin. The viewers can’t make out her real personality. She emits a phony, confused, insecure, and attention-seeking attitude.

On the other side, I am sure Shalin’s last act in the confession room enraged Big Boss to the core. No wonder he and his wife are no longer together. God bless his ex-wife for putting up with such a strange man.

In the weekend kaa vaar Salman accused Tina Datta of using Priyanka. Later, Tina sobbed and pleaded with Priyanka to stay away from her. She continued, “I want to go home.” Har week mujpe aata hai… me he sabko use kar rahi hu.

Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik appeared on the show

Former contestants Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik also appeared on the episode as guests. They engage in amusing banter with Salman Khan and ask him some questions. Moreover, after Shalin and Tina continually discussed Soundarya’s character, Soundarya became tearful in the episode. Salman also told her why she didn’t react before.

As usual, Shalin later tried to mend his relationship with Tina. Which was obviously more bogus. The audience has begun to grow disinterested in Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta. Shalin and Tina ab maaf karo hum sabko, kab tak bore karoge hum Bigg Boss fans ko.

Someone posted on Twitter that Tina was spared a lot of the scolding and reprimands she would have received for her drama and sobbing. Do not do this drama, lady, as Salman Khan has always told such women, so why not this time? Shalin was irritated by Tina and Pari Yanka’s persistent teasing, and it was only then that he made the chipakana remark.

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