Going on a holiday is the best rejuvenation activity ever. This blog is all about things you should carry on a beach vacation. Each and every item is very important from sunscreen to a zip lock to a beach wear. I remember going on a beach holiday and forgetting something or the other but a checklist helped in carrying basic necessities for a beach vacation. Read this blog and watch the video tagged along and pack your bags for the most wonderful experience being on a beach and relaxing.


Don’t forget to carry sunscreen as it will avoid sunburn. Beach sun can be very grinding. It should also be included in the daily skin routine, apply it on the parts exposed to the sun and not just face.


Sun glass

Whether you wear them or not on regular basis but when you are out on a beach break your rule wear them. Save yourself from the harsh rays of sun. It also reduces the damage of vision. It’s very good for eye health and also saves us from harmful effects of ultra violet rays.



It’s very important because when the sun approaches its peak it gets difficult to bear. Hat protects us from sun burn and also looks fashionable.


Zip lock

It’s a very important thing to carry your money, mobile phone and protect them from getting wet. The product remains clean and free from moisture and dust. The zip lock can be used for end number of ways as it is durable and adaptable.


Swim wear

Guys please don’t wear VIP or any other brand underwear or a vest on a beach. Please wear proper attire. Gals buy a nice swimwear. They reduce the chance of wear and tear. They are light in weight and can dry up fast. They are very comfortable.



Market is full of colorful slippers. Wear them on a beach very comfortable, easily washed. It also reduces the strain on the feet and leg.


A beach bag

A beach bag is very important as it can carry a lot of stuff like extra pair of clothes, towel, sunscreen and many such utility items. It is light weight and spacious and can be easily folded for storage and packing.



Towel is a must carry thing. It is very essential for wiping yourself. It gets dried up fast and protects you from the harsh sand.


Extra clothes (undergarments, shorts and a t-shirt)

It’s very uncomfortable to be in wet clothes all the time and can also make your car seat wet. So it’s always better to carry a change.


A book if you are fond of reading

Being on a beach for long can be very boring so if you like reading use this time to read your favorite novel. Some people don’t get time at home so better to utilize this in the most efficient manner.


Water bottle

Water is a miracle drink. Sun rays can be very intolerant and causes extreme dehydration, so it’s always advisable to drink enough water to hydrate you. It also balances the loss of salt in the body due to sweating. It is a magical drink and maintains the body temperature.


Outdoor speaker if you are fond of listening to music

Energize your atmosphere with some music. Music enhances your mood, makes you happier, it also reduces stress. Being on the beach lazing around listening to your favorite music is the best feeling ever.


Beach mat

For relaxing and lazing around on the beach it’s a must to carry. Sand causes rash sometimes. They are sand proof and easy to carry.

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By Poonam

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