Ukraine & Russia crisis may affect India, if World War 3 breaks out

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This article will explain why India may be concerned about Russia invading Ukraine if World War 3 erupts.

Even after several requests for peace and strenuous attempts by global leaders to avoid a full-scale combat clash between Russia and Ukraine, Moscow waged war on Kyiv on Thursday. Attack helicopters circled above Kyiv, firing missiles from airports and army sites. The troops fought near the Chernobyl nuclear power facility.


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A war declaration

Putin’s declaration of war has reignited fears that the world is edging closer to World War III. Although all international leaders have clearly ruled out the possibility of the Russia-Ukraine conflict escalating into a full-fledged war. But they have not disputed that it may “result in the deaths of millions of innocent people and damage on a large scale.”

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tweeted, “This is a declaration of war against the entire Europe,” in response to the latest skirmish, which took place in areas turned baron by the 1986 crash. He also chastised Western nations for failing to help Ukraine. He also said that their nation had been forced to battle invading Russian forces on its own.

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Many people are thinking that the rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine could signal the start of the World War III. Tensions between Russia and Ukraine seem to be rising by the hour, just hours after the Russian military launched an attack in Ukraine, killing over 40 Ukrainian soldiers and also wounding dozens more.

The Russian military conducted more than 203 attacks on Ukraine on Thursday, according to Ukrainian authorities, paving the way for a full-scale invasion. In the middle of this, several countries, including the majority of the West and a section of NATO, have asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to cease the fight.

The beginning of World War 3 is still a debatable point. Many people worry about the economic and political consequences of a global war on India. Here are some of the scenarios that could occur in India if World War 3 breaks out.

The effect on trade

Currently, the trade value between Russia and India is around $9 million per year. This also accounts for about 1% of India’s total trade. If a war breaks out, this commerce is predicted to be severely impeded, resulting in severe economic consequences.

The effect on the stock market

The Sensex plummeted almost 2,700 points in a matter of hours after the Russian military attacked Ukraine. The national and international stock markets are also anticipated to be decimated if World War 3 breaks out.

The supply of crude oil and energy

In just one day, the Russia-Ukraine situation has resulted in a significant increase in crude oil prices. If World War 3 takes place, crude oil prices are likely to skyrocket, posing a threat to India’s energy supplies.

Effect on military supply

If India’s business with Russia suffers a setback, it might have a major impact on the country’s defense supplies. This will also reduce the country’s response to any future security challenge.

Relations with other countries

In any case, Russia and China have a good relationship now, and Russia is unlikely to prevent China from intensifying its struggle with India in the event of a war. This could also destabilize India’s relations with Russia, resulting in a security catastrophe.

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In his discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged “relentless efforts from all sides to return to the road of diplomatic engagement and dialogue.” He also addressed India’s worries about the safety of Indian citizens in Ukraine. He further stated that the safe evacuation of Indian citizens from Ukraine is extremely important to India.


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