The Last Hour Review – Mystic, Crime, Romance & Ideal for a Sequel

the last hour

The Last Hour streaming on Amazon Prime, is a mystical crime thriller set in the beautiful North East. It is the story of protagonist Dev (Karma Takapa) who has been sanctified with a secret gift of talking to souls during their last hour before they breathe their final breath and how he constructs the missing pieces again. The other main characters are Arup Singh (Sanjay Kapoor), Lipika (Shahana Goswami), Pari (Shaylee Krishen), Yama Nadu (Robin Tamang), Nyima (Raima Sen), and Thapa (Lanuakum Ao).

the last hour
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The Last Hour is set in the background of the supernatural and revolves around jhakris/shamans, which is a fantastic plot to engage the audience. The series is a combination of the paranormal, romance and solving a murder mystery. The series  – The Last Hour is swarming with dead people, souls, and shamans. The plot is stimulating, but a bit slow and stretched out.

The Story

Dev uses his supernatural power to solve a rape and murder case of a Bengali actress and teams up with Arup a senior police officer, who recently lost his wife. They both discover many secrets since Dev can communicate with the dead people. Later they realized that Dev is the main link in the killing, that has shaken the alpine town. Dev and Arup are after a dangerous criminal Yama Nadu, whose only aim is to take Dev’s supernatural power. Dev falls for Arup’s daughter Pari in-between and the story takes an emotional angle.

Yama Nadu himself could see the future. So, why he was so desperate to take Dev’s mystic powers? To figure this out watch the series The Last hour.

the last hour
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An unusual element

The depiction of Dev’s last hour with the dead is presented very well, where he accompanies them to the other side. Even the part where Lipika says North East people don’t eat dogs as assumed and ridiculed by people from other parts of the countries is shown superbly. Most of the cast is from the northeast, which is rare in the entertainment industry. All speak very well Hindi with a touch of dialects appealing to the viewers of Bhaukaal, and Asur. Another element is where he leaves the side of the soul, which is forbidden, and strays into the past, this results in risking his own life.

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A loving angel

Dev’s relationship with Pari, who is the daughter of Arup becomes intense as the show involves. Dev risks his life to spend moments with Pari, where no one can see them. The hidden love angle nurtures away from the eyes of the world. The series – The Last Hour even depicts a sincere relationship between Lipika and Arup, who are longing for a companionship.

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The cast of The Last Hour

Sanjay Kapoor as Arup has done justice to the role and has performed the role of a cop well. Shahana as Lipika has carried out the role as a lady police officer with conviction. But, the surprise element was Karma Takapa as Dev who  lifted the show on his shoulder. He is troubled, delicate, and trying to protect his secret gift, which eventually became a means for Arup in solving the murder mysteries.

Pari as Shaylee Krishen didn’t seem very convincing as she is too raw. The makeup artist did disaster on her face making her look like a pancake, and aged. She doesn’t look like a college student at all. But, she was still able to deliver the inner chaos going inside her. Raima Sen hardly has any role as Arup’s wife.

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Why you should watch it

The Last Hour series sparkles because of the appealing storyline. It is beautifully conceived on the mythological story of shamans/jhakris. The series is full of shamans and their faith. The way it shows the internal battle of Dev with his powers and secrets of being a jhakris will keep you titillated throughout the 8 episodes. The scenes where Dev travels to the room between the living and the dead is vividly discovered in the Amazon prime series – The Last Hour. Although the show is getting mixed responses from the audience. But, it’s worth the watch because of its amazing narrative.

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