The Indian Intel Warns Against Use of 52 Chinese App

The vehement showdown between India and China in the Galwan Valley, has led to a flagging relationship amongst them

The prevalent dispute over the LAC –  Line of Actual Control in a few places in Ladakh have fermented the association between India and China big time in which 20 soldiers martyred because of this confrontation, as declared by the Indian Army. There is no second thought, that this face-off will make it difficult for Chinese companies to function in India, as the government is in no mood to mend the situation and these companies will probably have to bear the brunt of what had happened at the LAC. The Indians were already considering boycotting usage of Chinese products including FMCG items, apparel, textile, kitchen products and toys, etc. The purpose is to shrink the import of Chinese products, as stated by Mr. Praveen Khandelwal – CAIT Secretary General. It is also obvious from the dwindling of the 52 applications concomitant to China by the Intelligence agencies of India. The Indian Government will perhaps direct BSNL and MTNL, the telecom companies evade Chinese equipment. The Telecom Department has advised all its units within its ambit to buy produces which are “Made in India”.

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The India Intel has conveyed apprehensions regarding 52 mobile apps, that are harmful and pulling out huge amount of data outside India. Amidst the confrontation between India and China, the India Intelligence agencies have suggested the Indian Government to either chunk or instruct the people to discontinue the use of 52 mobile apps connected to China due to safety reasons. This proposition has been buttressed by the National Security Council Secretariat, which sensed that these apps could be damaging to India’s national security, as mentioned by a senior government official. As per a media report, a list of unsafe mobile applications have been provided to the Central Government by the security establishments, so that these apps can be blocked or citizens can be advised not to use them. An official said, “The considerations on the commendations are ongoing,” elucidating the constraints and the perils involved to each mobile app will have to be scrutinized one by one.

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In the month of April, there were concerns over the usage of Zoom application and the Union Home Ministry has issued an advisory also regarding the same on the recommendation of the National Cybersecurity Agency. The usage of Zoom app was banned in the Government offices.

Is Zoom App safe or not?

Tik Tok is another app which has come under the radar several times. But this time, the matter has become very serious amid the India-China face-off.

Should TikTok be Banned or Not?

As per a media report, the list comprises of some popular applications like Zoom video conferencing app, Tik Tok a short-video app, Share it, Xender, Clean master WeChat, ClubFactory, Shein, Helo, UC Browser, Xender and many more. These applications have been labelled down by the Indian Intel. If these applications will be chucked out, there will be an abrupt substantial loss of scale. TikTok is a quite popular app and has over 200 million users in India alone. In fact, UC Browser and Share it also has considered India has its prime market.

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The senior official also stated that apps like IOS and Android, are established by Chinese developers or are somehow linked with Chinese companies. According to them, these apps have a potential to be used as an espionage ware or other malevolent ware. The data security of the country will remain under threat if, we will continue to use these applications in the future. The effect will be disapproving and destructive of the country’s national security.

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