The Coronavirus cases Increasing in India Exponentially

With the rise in cases of Covid 19, India has come under the list of the ten countries severely affected by the deadly infection.

India now stands on the 4th rank at the time when the national lockdown is almost removed. The top three countries are US, Brazil and Russia followed by India in terms of upsurge in the number of  coronavirus cases on daily basis. The infection in the country is growing exponentially and with the relief in the lockdown period, will continue to multiply in the future. India has gone beyond 4000-mark death rate and since May 1, the number of active cases in the country has augmented than before.

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In the last 7 days, India has set a record of the intensification in coronavirus cases,

As per the health ministry of the country. The total number of cases has risen up to 1,51,876 and the death rate rose to 4,337 due to Coronavirus, whereas Maharashtra alone has 54,758 cases, which is atrocious. As per the Union Health Ministry, in the last 24 hours the country registered 6,387 cases and  170 deaths. The total number of active coronavirus cases stands at 83,004, out of which 64,425 recovered.

Regardless of the increase in the cases, the spokesperson was ardent to emphasize that, the country has a recovery rate of 42.45 per cent patients and has the lowest mortality cases in the entire world. This only escalated the India recovery rate, but it didn’t refer to the recovery rate of the other countries. Although India has now joined the top 5 countries in terms of coronavirus cases. In the initial stages of the coronavirus outbreak, there was ambiguity in the number of confirmed cases, but since the availability of testing kits, but as per the Indian Council of Medical Research India can cater for 1,10,000 samples every day.

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The number of deaths reported were 170 since Tuesday morning, Maharashtra, the most hit state was on top with 97 deaths, 12 in Delhi. In totality also Maharashtra tops the count with 1,792 deaths. The United Nurses Association in Maharashtra, wrote to CM to recruit nurses or health personnel from Kerala to contribute to the devastating situation.  The number of cases in the country has gone up and also there are a number of patients in the Intensive Care Unit due to the virus in grave condition and the number of patients on ventilators has also gone up.

In Delhi, the number of coronavirus cases has gone beyond 790 in the last 24 hours and the total tally of Covid 19 positive cases has risen to 15,257, the death rate is 303 as per Delhi Government.

Domestic travel has also been opened with several limitations laid by the authority like proper sanitization of airports, bus stations and railways. Social distancing to be followed, thermal screening at the departure gate and wearing mask is made mandatory. But it doesn’t seem to be of any use, as the country’s population is huge and overcrowding is an inevitable circumstance. There is another bottleneck in the country, the number of physicians is disturbingly very low and with fewer than 8 physicians per 10,000 patients. The experts had dreaded the probability of the havoc of the Covid 19 on India’s average health system and services.

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Congress Party leader, Rahul Gandhi, condemned the government for their poor management in the Covid 19 crisis.

Coronavirus update globally: The number of cases is the world stands at 5,698,093 presently and the number of deaths recorded has been 352,261 deaths. The top 3 countries are the US, Russia, Brazil who tops the list of number of active cases have reported 1000.000 marks.

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