Strictly don’t do these things Post lockdown

The countdown has already begun, many of us are ardently waiting to hug their friends, go out in open air, splurge their money, go for shopping or a haircut, book a flight; in other words we are waiting for the lockdown phase to get over and live a life the way we use too. The complete (except essential goods & services) Covid 19 lockdown is the biggest lockdown till date, India has experienced. The unnatural and unprecedented lockdown has made most of us exasperated and infuriated, dying to meet their friends or have a get together.


A gradual process to lifting lockdown constraints doesn’t indicate that the fatal coronavirus outbreak is over but it is an effort to revive the economy which has gone for a toss big time last few months. Well, we need to understand that although the restrictions are relaxed, but we are still unaware of the long term impact of the Covid 19 once the lock down is eradicated. We need to take compulsorily protection to keep the infection at bay, the life won’t abruptly get back to normal, as the threat of contracting the coronavirus diseases would still prevail. There are certain things we should avoid doing instantly post lockdown ends such as:

1.Don’t stop washing your hands frequently: The good hand-washing habits we have inculcated with the spread of Coronavirus pandemic should be followed throughout the day. This will reduce the risk of acquiring life threatening infection and keep many other viruses at cove.

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2. Don’t plan a vacation: This is one thing, I kept thinking about throughout the lockdown, I love travelling. But relaxation doesn’t mean you will plan a family vacation, just for your information the virus still persists. The virus was majorly spread due to movement of people from one place to another. Therefore, remain at home and be safe.

3. Don’t stop using face mask: This is one of the prime thing which everyone should adhere to in order to take care of themselves. Whenever you go out of your house wear a mask and gloves. A face mask will take care of you and the other person who is crossing your path. A homemade mask will also do the needful and not necessary you need a medical grade face mask.

4. Don’t go to parties or social gatherings: Maintaining social distance will remain essential despite the relaxation. Most of us want to party or chill at a café but this could be inviting unnecessary guests in the form of infection. This will induce the risk of spreading of the deadly disease. It is better to be late than sorry, therefore, avoid going for clubbing or meeting friends or large gatherings until the vaccination comes out.

5. Don’t share food: It looks very tempting to take a bite from someone else’s plate but avoid this for some time. You have no idea how the food was cooked or even washed for that matter. Unless and until you see from your own eyes you cannot rely on the hygiene of the food item.

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6. Don’t stop maintaining good hygiene in public places: The Covid 19 spreads through droplets by coughing and sneezing, this has been perhaps a reason behind the spike in Coronavirus cases in the entire globe. Therefore, maintaining a good hygiene in public is essential. Always sneeze in your folded arm and cover a mouth with a tissue when you cough and throw the tissue immediately in the dustbin.

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7. Don’t become casual of the situation: It is a human tendency to adapt to a given situation quickly either willingly or unwillingly. The best thing to do is to be cautious about recapturing your freedom of going out and moving around but always keep a realistic approach as we don’t know what is there in the kitty for us in the future.

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