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Stay Motivated

A post from Facebook page of a friend of mine Shrinivas P Naik, therefore the credit goes to him.

I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this post.

How many times have we not compared ourselves with our friend circle and felt that their life is so much happening and better than ours looking at their social media posts and have wished that our life was this great and easy too! Almost all of us relate to this, and while wishing so what we are ignoring is the main fact that most of the people post only about the good things in their life! Nobody wants to share their failures, hardships, struggle and sadness hence, all that we see is the happy moments, success and happening life and we assume their life is all about happiness!

One might be sitting in a five star restaurant in Paris and having a great meal of which he/she will post a picture on social media but the same night he might go back to bed missing homemade food and craving for it and all he/she can do is miss the ones they are away from.

Someone might go partying and post pictures from the party but before that he/she might have had a very slogging day working, studying and meeting day to day requirements. One might get good score, a job and post that update but what he/she is not posting is the struggle, hardship, the sleepless nights to get where he/she is right now.

Hence for two major reasons we cannot compare ourselves with anyone else: First, everyone is in their own timeline and speed. One might get success today and other might get a year later. We are all running our own races and against none. Second, everyone has their own unique stories and struggles. The efforts, the situation, the factors affecting each individual are very different.

It’s easy to get deceived by the social media posts and feel bad, depressed or unmotivated. Happiness lies in realizing the very fact that no two individuals are similar and being content by appreciating what we have and who we have around!

Stay Motivated

I hope you agree with him…. Your day will come…. Stay Motivated…. 8 Ways to Achieve your Goals

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Your time will come…… Do read the blog and Stay Motivated

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