Should TikTok be Banned or Not?

TikTok was inaugurated in April 2014, formerly it was known as This app has taken stores by squall as the lip syncing application has over 800 million users across the globe. The owner of the app is ByteDance from china, is considered as the most appreciated start up with a projection of $100 billion as market cap. TikTok has become the new frenzy and surpassing the impression which youtube created on the youngsters. It is available in 39 languages, running around 141 countries and has become the ardently widespread video sharing app. In India, the app has been downloaded 611 million times and still growing at a fast pace. As per a data analyzing firm, there were over 505 billion Tiktok users in India in the year 2019. The app is famous is for giving chance to every individual showcasing their talent by making short lip-syncing video and participating in limitless challenges.

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The influence, measure and level of involvement has made TikTok India’s most significant app that has wrecked obstacles like age, class, gender, culture, topography and even socio-economic position in the society in a very short span of time in a manner that no other social media apps could have imagined. The non-unspecified layout of the video-making app — in which the user makes a video and display their talent on the social media app and put themselves in a way to create and share content. TikTok is a very candid platform, where mindfulness has no role to play. TikTok is also a podium where the “actual” encounters “online” lives. As the content in TikTok is not obscured, users go to an extreme level to showcase their capacity. People use their face, body language and expressions to their advantage. The app caters to those users who have paucity of time and funds to create a better version of themselves.

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With the Corona Virus outbreak, which emerged from China, has diseased more than 1 million people across the globe. Businesses have nosedived and are combatting for their existence, the entire economy has shattered like playing cards. The stock market has lost billions of dollars. Sectors like aviation, travel, automobile, msme etc. have seen the unnatural downfall. The Covid 19 epidemic has traumatized the trade and commerce. The production has stopped, the economy is at its major downfall, people are losing jobs. But TikTok continued to remain on the top of the chart amidst this lock down. People are making infinite videos to come out of their boredom which has made TikTok a real social media platform for common people and this is the first step towards the genuine concern. The famous video app is tremendously used by teens. The 60 second videos of themselves in which a youth dances, lip syncs, does hazardous or offensive stunts.

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TikTok has become an addiction as the social media app enhances a boundless stream of information. No doubt it is a fun and creative app, but some of the content users post is blatant language along with vulgar gestures. But now there is a demand to ban the application because of its violent and ruthless content. Many TikTok influencers have come under the fury on an online platform for encouraging videos of rape, acid attack victim, misogyny and other dreadful content. The obnoxious content has millions of views and leaves a deleterious impact on the teens.

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Ms. Rekha Sharma, National commission of Women has also asked the government to completely ban the TikTok app. As per Swadeshi Jagran Manch, TikTok should be banned as at a very early age the youth gets exposed to the “conferred benefits”. It also stated that ByteDance remunerated influencers to promote products, run campaigns promoting products, disputes and dogmas. The social media app evades domestic guidelines that exist to safeguard national security. Another major concern is the entire world is suffering because of the pandemic, which is called Chinese Virus. There were around 10,000 tweets to ban the social media app as there is a sensitive wave evolving against China. If report to be believed the app is on the government’s radar as well for data espionage as our data is going to China, which is famous for the furtive garnering of personal information which has enhanced the risk of cybercrime which is a big peril.

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TikTok is facing a lot of criticism and disparagement and there is an endless torrent of controversies prevailing and calling for a ban on it. There have been horrendous incidents reported in media which, has been backlashed and received hostile response.

What do you think should TikTok be banned or not?

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