Shiv Thakare will appear in Khatron Ke Khiladi

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Shiv Thakare, the first runner-up on Bigg Boss 16, is not at all disappointed that he did not take home the trophy. He is glad that his friend MC Stan won the Bigg Boss 16 show.

A popular, well-liked, and deserving contestant of the season was Shiv Manohar Rao Uttam Rao Jinguji Gannuji Thakare. Shiv was part of the infamous “mandali,” a gang of buddies. Shiv was determined to win the Hindi version of the show as well after winning Bigg Boss Marathi season 2. His journey on the show has been incredible.

Shiv Thakare says he also believes whatever happens happens for the best. Bigg Boss 16 provided him with a platform to realize many of his ambitions. People now recognize him, and this will also help him grow his career.

shiv thakare

Shiv Thakare on doing Khatron Ke Khiladi

The reality show star just told his followers the wonderful news. He is currently close to confirming his participation in the action reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 and his collaboration on a big-budget film.

In the most recent interview, he also stated that although nothing had been decided upon yet, he and Nimrit had been offered a music video. Shiv has also acknowledged in various interviews conducted since Bigg Boss 16 that the success of the show has given him opportunities in his career that he had never had before.

Regarding the allegation that Shiv always acted with Mandali’s support

Shiv said our relationship was sincere, and we did everything in our power to prove our friendship. He claims it was fate that he came across such genuine friends along the way. Shiv relished his time at home and also savored each second. He did everything, including completing duties, upholding relationships, establishing lifelong friends like Abdu and Mandali, having fun at home, and receiving reprimands.

His bond with Nimrit

Shiv Thakare claims that his bond with Nimrit was effortless. They were also called Shivrit by fans. On the show, they had a real and lovely relationship.

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