Secrets – 7 Important Secrets Men Keep from Women

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Most of us have wished to go inside their spouse or boyfriends mind. We all have secrets in our heart – which we don’t want to reveal to anyone. But here I am going to talk about what men really think? Honesty is very important in a relationship, but sometimes men hide their true feelings for various other reasons such as lack of emotional quotient or what will you think about him, if he will share his feelings or a feeling of failure, which he doesn’t want to reveal. It is not easy to share your true feelings always, hence they keep secrets.

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For years, women have tried to construe ‘what his man is thinking’? No matter for how long you guys have been together, but there are certain secrets or feelings a man keeps from her woman. Relationships are simple, we make it complex. So, for the sake of the sanctity of the relationships don’t force your partner for telling you everything about their life. If they have to tell you they will, eventually, if they are not comfortable then let it be.

But, I still feel transparency builds a relationship strong. It is better to share what’s going inside your heart, not with an intention of getting a solution, but just to pour your feelings or any issue which is troubling you. I always believe in saying things the way they are; this makes life simple.

Trust, proper communication, support and intimacy are very important in a relationship. When both partners are transparent and there is a clear communication, the relationship starts to grow more, they start understanding each other’s need. Their relation will be flourishing with love, rather than shocked by secrets. Here are few things which a man hides from his partner:

1.Financial issues:

It is very difficult for a man to reveal his financial condition. Some men feel, if they will share their money problems with the spouse, this will burden them. They even feel, their partner can look down upon them. Men want to take charge of the house when it comes to finances, but money issue can make them insecure, therefore they start to keep secrets about any financial issue going on.

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2. Childhood Distress:

Most of us have childhood traumas or experiences, but females are more vocal about them than males. Men usually hide and suppress any childhood issue because they don’t want to revisit the painful memories. It could be sexual abuse or issues with their parents or any other rough phase.

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3. Past casual sexual encounters:

Men avoid telling their one night stands or casual sexual encounters, as most of them feel this will deteriorate their image in front of their spouse or girlfriend. They also feel their partner wont trust them again and keep doubting them. It will be difficult to build their image as most women doesn’t take those men seriously or have trust issues who have slept with many females casually.

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4. Afraid to share their inner self:

Men usually hide their feelings, which can make them feel more vulnerable and lonely. A man wants to appear strong and confident in front of their partner and sharing their emotions can make them uncomfortable, therefore they start keeping secrets about their real feelings.

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5. Talk about their career dent:

It is very difficult for men to talk about dents in the career. They don’t want share if they were ever unemployed or were sacked from a job. A career rut makes a man self-doubting and insecure, therefore they get uncomfortable talking about it, this is one of the reason why they keep secrets from their partner.

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6. His friends don’t like you:

It is very normal, that your guy’s friends or family may not like you. Remember one thing, you are not here to please everyone, ultimately what matters is what your partner thinks of you. Men are usually hesitant to tell you what their closed ones think about you. The reason could be; you might not want to hang out with his close buddies after knowing that they are not fond of you.

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7. Last night drama:

Your partner may have gone to some exciting bachelorette party or a strip club or went out with a female friend or got extremely drunk. Your spouse or boyfriend is reluctant sometimes to tell you where they were a night before as this could upset you. Hence they keep secrets from their partner.

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We all have secrets in our heart – which we don’t want to reveal to anyone.

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