Schitt’s Creek – 15 Amazing Facts the Audience Didn’t Know

Schitt’s Creek is unlike any other television series ever. It is a shining light in the generally dreary history of Canadian television, and it is hosted by one of the best father-son comedy teams ever. The Rose family, which consists of parents Johnny (Eugene Levy) and Moira (Catherine O’Hara), as well as their grown children David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy), moves to the only asset the government has permitted them to keep: the town of Schitt’s Creek, after losing their entire video store wealth to the government because their business manager has not been paying their taxes.

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The sophisticated Roses, who had bought the town as a joke, settled into the local hotel and shared two adjoining rooms that stuck out like swollen fingers. Schitt’s Creek, however, is much more than just what we saw in the episodes. Take a peek at these 15 Schitt’s Creek insider tips.

1.Dan Levy got the idea for the series while watching reality TV.

In an interview, Levy recalled thinking, “What would happen if all these celebrities went bankrupt and had to start over?” while watching reality television one evening. Would they even be able to cope? The series then sprang to life!

2. The Writing Spirit.

You know how most of us whine about not being able to find work? Dan Levy is not. He struggled to find work after his time as an MTV host, so he decided to launch his own series. If I am bad at auditions, at least I can compose something that plays to my skills and give it my all, he said. Dan, you rock!

3. Schitt’s Creek Moira in the hugely successful film Home Alone as Mom.

There is a significant chance that many viewers have seen Catherine O’Hara before. Who can you guess that she was before she became Moira Rose? Kevin, played by Macauley Culkin in Home Alone!

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4. Real-life families may be found for three of the primary cast members.

In the sitcom Schitt’s Creek , co-creators and father-and-son actors Eugene and Dan Levy portrayed Johnny and David Rose, respectively.

Dan said he originally only gave his father the idea for the show to see if he may be interested in “fleshing it out and seeing if there was something there” in a 2015 interview with NPR.

The pairing of Dan and Eugene is now pretty well-known, but some viewers might not have known that Sarah Levy, who is both Dan and Eugene’s sister, portrayed the townie Twyla Sands on “Schitt’s Creek.”

5. Another person almost took on the role of Alexis Rose.

Fans are familiar with actress Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose, but the role was originally portrayed by Abby Elliott, who is the daughter of actor Chris Elliott, while the unaired pilot of the show was being sold around.

But by the time it was picked up, Abby was gone. At a 2016 92Y Talks event, Murphy admitted that she had “never worked so hard at a screening” in her life. Murphy went on the audition list for Alexis and Stevie Budd.

Dan continued by saying that Murphy gave a “natural likability” to this girl who was so unlikeable, and that after the audition, he contacted his dad and said, “I found Alexis, thank god.”

6. Over a hundred wigs are owned by Moira Rose in Schitt’s Creek. 

Yes, Catherine O’Hara wore 100 different wigs to help bring Moira Rose to life on screen. Along with Dan Levy and other prop directors on site, Catherine even chose a few of them. She was the one who recommended Moira don several wigs during the course of the series.

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7. The audition of Stevie.

The actress who plays Stevie in Schitt’s Creek , Emily Hampshire, was going through a difficult period when she walked in for the audition. She had been unemployed for a year, was getting divorced, and had little money in her bank account. Hampshire suggested sending a tape instead of appearing in person for the audition, but her agency demanded she do so. She has no memory of that day, but Dan thinks she did a fantastic job, despite the fact that she apologized twice during the audition and called herself “awful.” Dan recalls Hampshire fondly for concealing her face in her shirt as well.

Dan saw Hampshire as the ideal candidate for the position right away.

8. During a dinner party, Eugene Levy gave the show its name.

As is customary with Johnny Rose, the name “Schitt’s Creek” came to him when he was having dinner with his closest friends. Levy kept it in his back pocket when the audience laughed at jokes about “Schitt’s Hardware Store” and subsequently pitched it to his son when he was developing the series.

9. When Patrick originally debuted on the show, Dan was unaware that he would eventually become David’s life partner.

When he was initially introduced in Schitt’s Creek season three, Dan was not even sure if his character would date Patrick (Noah Reid).

The actor confessed to GQ in 2019: “I went into it with the anticipation that he would become a romantic love interest for David.” I was socially acquainted with Reid, but I had never engaged in physical activity with him, so I was unsure of our potential chemistry.

Season three ended with a playful kiss because of this. Dan remarked, “A kiss might lead to more, or it could lead to nothing.”

10. Chris Elliott has a fake beer belly.

In Season 1 of Schitt’s Creek , Chris just tucked a pillow under Roland’s shirt to give Roland his recognizable beer belly. He has a prosthetic belly created especially for him by the prop makers starting in Season 2.

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11. Moira Was Inspired By Daphne Guinness For Her Eclectic Wardrobe in Schitt’s Creek.

It is difficult to ignore Moira’s sense of style or the fact that she virtually exclusively dresses in black and white. O’Hara has stated that Daphne Guinness is the inspiration for her on-set style, which has led her to wear chunkier jewelry in her personal life.

12. Annie Murphy watched several Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes to get ready for the part of Alexis.

Annie Murphy spent a lot of time watching reality shows to perfect the tone, attitude, and accent of Alexis Rose in order to prepare for the role of Alexis. Popular reality shows like The Simple Life and Keeping Up with the Kardashians led the way in doing this.

13. Stevie Budd’s perspective on the other characters is intended to represent the audience’s viewpoint.

Stevie Budd is a favorite among fans since she is honest and manages to become associated with the Rose family. What most viewers are undoubtedly unaware of is that Stevie has always served as the show’s audience. Stevie is someone the audience can always depend on to speak what we are all thinking at the exact same time.

14. The cast and crew must film in the summer because the series is shot in Canada.

Ever ponder why Schitt’s Creek experiences perpetual sunshine? There is a reason, I suppose. In Ontario, Canada, where the show is filmed, the team only takes pictures while the flowers are in full bloom. The entire setting, which is designed to be a town that may be located anyplace in Middle America, is meant to be unclear.

15. The way Alexis moved her hands was deliberate.

Many people are unaware that the manner in which she holds her body is as purposeful as the classic “ew, David” remark she frequently uses. Actress Annie Murphy claimed that she purposefully held her hands in a purse-like position all the time, much like the Kardashians do.

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