Did Rashmi Desai Over React?

The current season of Bigg Boss 13 has witnessed the ugliest fights ever in the house. The fight happened in the house on 21st Dec, 2019 between co contestants Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla went to an extreme level. The tiff between them was quiet evident from the beginning of the show but this time they got out of control and in a fit of anger Rashmi threw tea on Siddharth Shukla and later Arhaan and Siddharth too got involved in a physical fight.

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A day before they got into arguments when Sidharth kept on teasing Rashmi by saying ‘aisi ladki’ and Rashmi would keep asking him ‘kaisi ladki’. But on Saturday, 21st Dec, 2019 when Sidharth told her ‘tereko ab ghar mein leta nahi hun’ this instigated the matter to an extent that Rashmi Desai took it to another level and threw tea on him. The show has become so much negative that it hasn’t become entertaining anymore rather families would avoid watching it now.


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Sometime the contestants are friendly and sometimes it seems as if volcano is erupting in the house. The contestants seem to have temperamental issues. Rashmi got instigated when Sidhartha told Arhaan ‘Ghar pe mere aisi ladkiyaan nahi hai’. This line sparked off Rashmi and she got berserk over it. She replied ‘Mere character pe jaa raha hai’. Khud kaa character dekha hai? Neech kaamchor, do kaudi kaa and what not later, she told Siddhartha Shukla.

But Sidhartha kept instigating her by saying ‘aisi ladki’. Later he even explained this to Salman Khan that what he actually meant by saying that and not what Rashmi has thought and twisted his words. Rashmi for 2 days repeatdly asked him ‘kaisi ladki’ and kept on provoking him.

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Even Vikas Gupta took side of Sidhartha because he also felt Asim and Rashmi provoke Sidhartha in the house. The issue was very small but Rashmi Desai took it too her character. Rashmi even blamed Sidhartha for taking benefit of his illness and not doing any work in the house. Even Salman Khan told her that why you are stretching the fight? Why you want to know ‘kaisi ladki’ ho tum? He even told her mad you are and your behavior is disgusting.

Salman wanted Rashmi Desai to end the topic then and there because there is no point taking it too ahead and she shouldn’t get personal and dig each other’s past. Even fans have refuted Rashmi’s act. This season is really very aggressive even contestants are behaving like road side goons.

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What do you think could Rashmi Desai handled it in a dignified manner even if Sidhartha Shukla was at fault?

What do you think Did Rashmi over react?

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