10 Frequently asked Questions During Arrange Marriage along with the Reel Answers and Real thoughts

An arrange marriage is still very prevalent in India and if you are also seeking one, you will possibly be invigorating yourself for the first arrange marriage meeting or a phone call  to build a connection. Finding a guy or a girl for marriage is like looking for a needle in a shack and one has to go through different kinds of experiences which gives them goosebumps. I didn’t mention perfect guy or girl, because perfect word is an illusion, there is nothing called perfect, one only takes the best possible decision. At times, it gets quite uninteresting and mind-numbing, if you are on the website for ages (I do know people who have registered themselves on matrimony sites for close to 5 years but still unmarried). And what irks the most are the same set of repeated questions people ask each other, which after a while no one wants to answer but for the sake of having a conversation or another attempt to know each other they do.

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Most of you are exhausted of answering the questions related to job, education, hobbies and family background, but to break the ice there is no other alternative in the initial phase. So, let me share some questions which boys and girls ask along with their real (mann ke bhaav) and reel (taaki ladki yaa ladka bhaage naa):

1.What are your hobbies?

Reel answers: It is a very basic question which everyone asks. General replies are I like to read, travel, listening to music, play an instrument, cooking, exercise, watching movies, photography etc. etc. Amongst 10 candidates (future prospects) 9 have these hobbies. Let me share what goes in the mind.

Real thoughts: Pakk gaya ye answer de deke (I am tired of answering this question). Let me save it in my notepad and will copy paste next time. Though I love cooking, but don’t expect me to cook every day, I would always prefer a maid. If you don’t exercise its fine, but don’t force me to deviate my routine. Multiple thoughts keep knocking the mind.

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2. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Reel answers

In the next five years, I want to attain a senior level position with more responsibilities and skills. I would be married by then hopefully with a kid. So want to give a good life to my family.

Real thoughts

This question came as a surprise to me, I mean really someone asking this question, job interview ho raha hai kya? Kal kaa pata nahi naukri rahe naa rahe? Par tumhare jaise log milte rahe tau single hee rehna padega.

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3. What kind of a life partner you want?

Reel answers

The common reply is, someone who is understanding, caring, compassionate, loving, well settled, honest and trustworthy.

Real thoughts

Saare adjectives use kar diya ab tau… asliyat tau baad mein hee pata chalegi ek dusre ki….

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4. Why are you still single?

Reel answers


Real thoughts

Break up nahi hua hota, tau marriage ho chuki hoti

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5. Are you willing to settle abroad?

Reel answers

I haven’t thought about it? Or yaa I have no issues

Real thoughts

Nahiiii…. apne mummy papa se door nahi jaana mujhe or issi din kaa intejaar tha barso se

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6. Do you drink and smoke?

Reel answers

Yaa occasionally I drink, but I don’t smoke.

Real thoughts

I hope isne mujhe kissi pub mein naa dekha ho “bhund” hote hue, ludakte pudakte…. Dost se ek kash laga lena cigarette kaa will it be counted as smoking?

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7. How many relationships you had in the past?

Reel answers

A couple of relationships

Real thoughts

Does it really matter? Track record rakhna hai kya? Casual wale batane hain yaa serious wale!! Does it include one-night stand?

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8. Do you want kids?

Reel answers

Yeah, I do want kids… I love them

Real thoughts

Abhi socha nahi yaar, pehle shaadi tau ho jaye… matrimony sites se bhi hopes khatam ho gayi hain… hey bhagwan ab mera kya hoga?

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9. Are you a virgin?

Reel answers

Many people find it offensive in the first conversation, but it’s up to you what you want to reply. I don’t think so there is any harm in asking this question, but depends on person to person. The answer can be Yes or No or it’s a personal question, let’s get comfortable with each other.

Real thoughts

Jawab tau mein de dungi, par use kya hoga, are you going to judge me on this basis?? Pehle apna tau batayo? Are you a virgin?

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10. Your parents are liberal?

Reel answer

Yeah they are liberal and open minded.

Real thoughts

Seedha seedha bol naa shorts pehen sakti hun. I hope you are not thinking of wearing bikini in front of them tab unko issue hoga

Have you come across such conversations? If yes, share your experience as well in the comment segment below….



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