Qualities which Every Women wants to See in Her Man

Life Partner

We all have specific qualities in our heart for the perfect life partner. That blue print is imbibed in our mind, before we say yes to the special one. Finding that perfect one is really not that easy. But, there are few perfect traits which women can’t over look.

Here are 17 traits which every woman is looking for in their Life Partner:



Chemistry or connection or compatibility is very important in a relationship. It makes the relationship deep and establishes a strong foundation. Just ask yourself do you feel excited to talk to your partner? Do you feel the click whenever you meet or talk? Do you feel like talking for hours and hours? If the answer is yes, you guys are on the right path. A woman truly believes in chemistry.

Lets you follow your dreams

Before marriage everyone encourages their wife to be independent but post marriage seldom people stick to this and want them to compromise. A woman wants her partner to let her follow her heart and encourages her to achieve her dreams.

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He shares too

A women feels very happy when his partner also shares his heart out, tells her about his desires or daily routine activities. He is open and expressive. It is difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who is very closed and secretive.

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Makes you laugh

A good sense of humor attracts a woman and is very essential for a healthy relationship. A witty partner is a darling; he can make you laugh with his jokes and presence of mind. Everyone wants to be around a man who is full of wit.

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Listens to you

When life becomes boring and routine, the relationship loses its charm. On many occasion husband is too occupied in his work that they tend to ignore their wife. This becomes very frustrating for the women to see her husband looking at the phone, while you are talking to him.




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Accepts you

Who doesn’t want this trait in their man? Every woman wants her partner to accept her the way she is and doesn’t try to change her. If someone criticizes you for who you are is not the right guy for you. He will accept you only, if you change yourself for him or else he will keep poking or judge you.

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A women wants to feel safe at all times. She wants her partner to be protective and take care of her in all situations. She should have a firm believe that when he is around, everything will be okay.

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Say’s sorry

Saying sorry is very important in a relationship. I have seen many men who are really apologetic for their behavior deep down but saying sorry becomes very tough for them. Either it hurts their male ego or they are not too expressive but whatever the reason is saying sorry will make the other person feel better and improves the relationship.

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Being there always

Every woman wants a man who is always there for her no matter what. He is there to hold her hand in every situation. He is the one whom she can fall back on. His touch is enough to tell her, I am their baby don’t worry.


An affectionate man wins the heart. Affection builds the relationship stronger. The care and concern for each other is very important for a loving relationship. Physical gestures, emotional intimacy makes a relationship long lasting. Sometimes a loving touch is enough to break the wall.


Share similar value

It is very exciting to be with someone who shares similar values as yours, be it sharing common hobbies or love for travel or reading, anything and everything is going to enhance your relationship. It actually makes your relationship very successful.


Manners are important

How much successful a woman gets but she would always be happy if her partner is chivalrous. He takes care of your little needs, is kind and polite. He is thoughtful and courteous not just with you but your family also.

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Financially settled

Money issues will definitely impact your life sooner or later as everything has a price attached to it, be it medical expenses or taking care of the house, bills, fees and other miscellaneous expenses. I know many of you may not agree, but let’s be practical, money is responsible behind many divorces. We all have certain needs to fulfill like food, shelter, clothes, education and many more, love can’t alone suffice.

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Emotionally present

Even if it is the worst day of your life but if your partner is emotionally available for you, it reduces all the pain. He is reachable, compassionate and empathetic towards you rather trying to prove your mistake in the given scenario. He is not sitting to fix your problem but he is there to listen to your feelings.

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If a couple becomes friend rather than behaving as a husband or wife, this makes them more close and also creates openness in the relationship. The couple doesn’t have to be pretentious and can be themselves. They also start enjoying each other’s company.


Takes care of your parents

A women is expected to leave all her belongings and move to a new house. Belongings also includes taking care of your parents in same scenarios. Every women should get this freedom to choose to take care of her parents be it emotional or financial need. A woman will respect her husband more for giving her this liberty.



Women want their partner to be loyal “period”. No women can accept his man to check other women. This is one of the top most quality a women wants to see in her man. A disloyal partner loses respect for ever and it is very derogating for a woman to accept such an act.

Life Partner
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I am not saying that, if a person doesn’t have these qualities he is not good for you or you should dump him. It all depends on person to person as we all look for different things in a Relationship. Just be happy with whomsoever you are.

Life Partner

Stay happy

Stay blessed

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