Pondicherry – 7 Best Places to Visit

Pondicherry is a vibrant city on India’s south-eastern coast known as the “French Capital of India.” Pristine beaches, heritage architecture, French and Tamil neighborhoods, old temples and churches, and a colonial air are all available in this French colony.

Beachgoers can relax, unwind, enjoy the sun and sand, and take in the scenery at Promenade beaches. Puducherry is a hidden gem that you may not be aware of. The apparent French link, tree-lined lanes, appealing colonial historical art, spiritual scenery, never-ending unspoiled beaches, black water, and a varied choice of eateries all draw visitors to the cities. Puducherry is the best spot to visit if you want to take a vacation from your stressful lifestyle.

How long should you stay in Pondicherry?

If you have a private car, you may visit all of Pondicherry’s key attractions in a day. 2 to 3 days is more than enough time to visit all of the attractions in comfort. Anything extra if you want to experience the city at a leisurely pace.

How to reach?

You can reach Pondicherry in following ways:

Taking the train:

Villupuram, about 35 kms from Pondicherry, is the nearest train station. New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and Trivandrum are all well-connected from the railhead. The New Delhi Pondicherry Express and the Nagarcoli Express are two of the most popular trains.

By Air:

The airport in Pondicherry can only hold a small plane and receives flights from Bangalore and Hyderabad. If you are travelling from Delhi, Kochi, Kolkata, or Mumbai, you can take a connecting flight. The nearest domestic and international airport is Chennai, which is roughly 135 kms from Pondicherry. The Chennai airport has excellent connections to all major cities worldwide. You can book a private cab to get to Pondicherry once you arrive at the airport.

Taking the bus:

From Chennai, Thanjaur, Trichy, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Madurai, there are various buses that go frequently to Pondicherry. Buses, both private and public, are available. The cost of a bus ticket is determined by the distance travelled. Remember to choose the ECR road or you will be stuck in the bus for the long haul.

Is there a good time to visit Pondicherry?

Despite Pondicherry’s hot climate, the months of October to March are perfect for a visit. The town, on the other hand, has distinct attractions depending on the season.

Places which I explored in Pondicherry

1.Surfing at Serenity Beach:

Serenity Beach in Pondicherry is ideal for those searching for ocean adventure sports and surfing. For those who are keen on adventure sports, Pondicherry offers a variety of activities. Surfing takes adventure seekers to another world entirely, as you will mingle with beach waves and just enjoy this activity.

Serenity and Paradise, two of Pondicherry’s most popular tourist hotspots, provide this adventurous sport to its tourists. The calm wind and lively waves make this the ideal place for surfers. It is the most intriguing activity in Pondicherry.

2. Discover Auroville:

The “City of Dawn,” Auroville, is just 9 miles from Pondy. It is a global town where people from all walks of life, regardless of caste, faith, culture, or nation, live and work in peace and harmony. This town symbolises the phrase “oneness in diversity.” The town is divided into many zones, with the Peace Zone, the International Zone, and the Residential Zone being the most important.

The Matrimandir, where devotees meditate, is the central focus of the Peace Zone; the Residential Zone is where you may stay with the Aurovillians; and the International Zone is made up of community rooms where a variety of events are held on a regular basis.

3. Take a boat ride to Chunnambar’s lovely paradise beach island:

If you are visiting Pondicherry for the weekend, this is a must-do activity. The famous location offers spectacular boating experiences on the Chunnambar River. In the backwaters of history and beautiful green plantations, you will have a blast. This is one of the greatest places to rest and unwind. One can relax and watch the sunset from here.


4. Joggers will love Goubert Avenue:

The Promenade is another name for this site, which is one of Pondicherry’s most popular weekend getaway locations. The serene and tranquil walks might be enjoyable. This is the perfect spot for joggers who love mingling and meeting new people. There are several stalls which sell coffee and tea. The wonderful sea breeze will delight you. The Seaside Promenade is equally enjoyable whether you visit during the day or at night under the stars.

5. Fantastic cafés:

Pondicherry is well-known for its inexpensive booze, and if you are a foodie, it is a great spot to come because it offers a broad range of gourmet cuisine. It features some of the top cafés in the area and serves delicious food. If you have always wanted to sit in a French café and have a cup of coffee or eat a snack but cannot go to France, Pondy should be on your list. It features some of India’s top French cafés.


6. Auroville Beach:

Pondicherry’s Auroville Beach is also known as Auro Beach. It is around 10 kms away and is part of the Auroville Ashram. The beach is located on the right side of the East Coast Road, around 12 kms from Pondicherry. Auro Beach is one of Pondicherry’s most popular beaches. It is popular with both tourists and locals. The beach keeps loyal to its nature by lacking a large number of food and beverage outlets. Due to human encroachment, the Ashram has preserved its serenity and ensured that it is not tampered with or modified significantly.

7. White Town:

White Town, also known as the French Colony of Pondicherry, is a residential district in town with an intertwined culture of Tamils and primitive French families. The colony preserves the old-world elegance, daintiness, and grandeur of old French Quarters, with cobblestone streets and mustard yellow buildings. The majority have been changed into historic hotels, restaurants, eccentric cafés, and art galleries. The buildings are painted in tones of pastel yellow, and the well-kept paths are flanked by shaded trees.

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