Pet Care – 9 Essential Ways to Take Care of your Pets

pet care

Pet care is essential, especially during festivals. Diwali may be one of the most joyous and auspicious times of the year for most of us. It may be a fantastic opportunity for you to enjoy time with loved ones, your pet may struggle to cope with the holiday season.

Since Diwali is a nightmare for our dogs, pet care has become a vital ingredient. Every pet lover and owner is concerned about protecting their pets during the Diwali festivities. Because of the loud noises and pollution from crackers, Diwali often causes panic among animals. Pet care is vital during festivals.

pet care
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Due to the loud crackers and fireworks, air noise levels pollution skyrocket over the holiday season, leaving us all frazzled. Since dogs’ ears and noses are extremely sensitive, they are put under a lot more distress during Diwali. Because of the loud festive celebrations, animals become frightened and disoriented during Diwali, it is essential to keep your pet comfortable at home. To ensure that they are stress-free, you must check that several things are in place.

On Diwali, your pets will want extra care and attention to help them cope with the loud noises, lights, fire, and other threats. So, if you care about your pets, you should make certain measures to keep them calm. Here is all the advice for pet care during Diwali, so you know how to safeguard your dogs.

1.Keep the pets inside a room:

Let your dogs stay in a confined area and avoid getting into direct touch with the crackers and other fireworks. Close all of the room’s doors and windows to keep the loud noise from reaching their ears, as these sounds might trigger panic in them. Keep diyas and candles out of their sight because they might cause injury. Cover the space beneath the doors with a towel or cloth to lessen the sound of firecrackers entering the room. In order to drown out the sound of firecrackers, turn up the volume on your music system or television.

pet care
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2. Clean up the rust and other toxins from the burnt crackers:

Make sure you get rid of any remaining cracker rust in your home. Crackers are high in hazardous components and substances that might be harmful to pets. So the best you can do is maintain your house clean to protect your pet from licking any of those harmful toxins. Similarly, licking or consuming any puja material or rangoli colors can be detrimental to them. Also, make sure that no circuit or electric lines are left open to avoid electrocution.

3. Earmuffs are used to keep protect their ears:

Because fireworks are unavoidably noisy, use earmuffs or a soft cloth to protect your pet’s ear. The hearing ability of dogs is seven times greater than that of humans. As a result, even if the noise does not appear to disturb people, it can be quite stressful and traumatic for dogs. Play relaxing music in their environment to distract them from the outside noise.

4. Keep pets away from sweets:

Allowing your pet to consume Diwali sweets is not recommended because excessive consumption is bad for their digestion, and the quality of the sweets cannot be guaranteed. Don’t forget to feed your dogs their regular food during Diwali and not whatever you’re eating. Feeding your pet good, high-quality food is an important element of pet care.

5. Distract them:

Provide your pet with all of his or her favorite toys to keep them occupied. If your pets become agitated as a result of the fireworks, distract them by giving them their favorite food. Pet care also entails keeping your pet entertained at all times so that they do not become bored.

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6. Involve them in some physical activity:

Take your dog for a stroll a few hours before Diwali and provide plenty of activities for him/her. Don’t forget to feed them well after the workout. A tired and well-eaten pet will be calmer throughout the fireworks. Proper pet care includes ensuring that your pet gets enough exercise and other forms of physical activity.

7. Ensure they are drinking enough water:

Ascertain that they have sufficient water and a suitable place. Keeping your pets hydrated is typically a good idea. This will keep them calm and help them to overcome their fears.

8. Take your pet to a veterinarian:

You might want to consider getting an anti-anxiety shot for your pet soon before Diwali.  You should visit your veterinarian on a weekly/monthly basis; it is an important part of your pet care routine.

9. Help the stray dogs:

During this time, you can also assist the neighborhood by sheltering stray dogs. You can feed them and provide them with space on your veranda or in your yard. A stray dog, just like your own pet, need attention and proper pet care.

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