Passenger on a Vistara flight punches cabin crew and strips mid flight

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On a Vistara flight from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai on January 30, Paola Perruccio, an Italian woman passenger, caused a ruckus mid-flight. The pilot had to instruct his crew to restrain the woman passenger due to her outrageous behavior. The captain also hand out a warning notice.

The woman was seated in an economy seat on Vistara flight UK 256 (11 C). She caused a lot of trouble when she moved from her economy class seat to seat 1A in business class. The woman became hostile when she was questioned, hit one of the crew, and then continued to walk down the aisle half naked. She continued to mistreat the crew members even after being restrained.

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Mid-Air crisis on Vistara flight

She punched a crew member who had gone to ask a question, and even when the pilot ordered her to be restrained, she showed no signs of regret. Apparently feeling threatened, the pilot issued a restraining order, as per information from a source with knowledge of the events.

As she was being questioned, the passenger was even given a bottle of water, but she allegedly hit the female crew member so hard that she cut her lip and began bleeding. She was told to behave as soon as another crew member arrived on the scene. Another person with knowledge of the incident stated, “Even after being held, she spat on a crew member and continue to abuse them throughout the flight.”

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The Vistara crew handled it very well

The Vistara cabin crew handled it professionally, and no other passengers received any harm. As per a statement from the airline, the police quickly booked the passenger after being informed of the incident’s facts.

The woman had gone up to a crew before takeoff and requested a bottle of water. She was instructed to stay seated and informed that she would receive a water bottle once the plane took off.

She received water shortly after the aircraft took off. But she got up and sat in business class instead of remaining in her seat (1 A). She punched the cabin crew, who was left bleeding, when asked why she had switched seats and if she needed anything else.

The rowdy traveler began removing some of her clothing and began to stroll in the cabin partially naked, even as the Captain was being alerted about the incident. Her restraint was then mandated.

She was the first passenger to disembark from the plane at the Mumbai airport, and she was given to security staff before being taken into custody by the Mumbai Police.

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